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Zebra BAR-ONE Platinum Software
No Longer Available








This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


BAR-ONE Platinum™

TEKLYNX CODESOFT™ Edition Bar Code Labeling Software
Upgrade to TEKLYNX CODESOFT Bar Code Labeling Software.

BAR-ONE Platinum™ allows for the support of networking, systems integration, customized user interfaces, logging, passwords and multiple printers from a single PC.


  • Customized front ends can be written in any programming language
  • Connectivity to legacy systems is supported via command files
  • Printing can be activated from any client on a network via command files
  • Print program can act as a print server polling for command files
  • Multiple print program can be run form a single PC
  • Print programs can manage printers connected to Ethernet via Zebra-net
  • Print programs output can be redirected across networks
  • Print programs can generate ZPL files for import into other programs
  • Security can be enabled controlling access to each program module
  • Logging can be enabled recording fixed and variable information on all labels printed
  • WYSIWYG on-screen label design
    (including bar codes)
  • Fixed and variable support of TrueType Fonts
    (Downloaded as fonts-not graphics)
  • Full international character support
  • Mullet-level undo and redo facility
  • Single/grouped object rotation, moving, deleting etc.
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Paragraphs with word processing capabilities
  • Reversing and rotation of all objects
  • User friendly and industry standard bar code settings
  • Re-size objects via dragging with mouse
  • Import BMP/TIF/PCX graphics file formats
  • Lines and boxes
  • Fast downloading of graphics and TrueType Fonts via ZPL Data compression

If you need a print only product that supports label formats designed with BAR-ONE Platinum™ then BAR-ONE Print Only Module is the product you need. Logging and Passwords are supported if the label was designed using BAR-ONE Platinum™. Each module only allows for the loading of one print manager. The command file mechanism is also supported to allow for the support of customized front ends or integration with an existing system. The Print Only Module does not support the generation of ZPL Files.

The BAR-ONE Print Only Module is a print only product that supports label formats designed with BAR-ONE ProPlus™ and BAR-ONE Platinum™.

Product# Description
45552-1 BAR-ONE Platinum Version 6.0 Label Design Software - CD Version
45557-1 BAR-ONE Platinum Version 6.0 Network - includes a five user license
45561-1 BAR-ONE Platinum Version 6.0 - Upgrade Version Only

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Manufacturer Zebra
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Max Roll Diameter N/A
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