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XN12 WiFi Array
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Xirrus XN12 WiFi Array

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array is the only Wi-Fi device that can effectively replace a traditional Ethernet workgroup switch and provide users a wired experience over Wi-Fi. The Xirrus family of Wi-Fi Arrays provides an unparalleled level of capacity, range, coverage, and performance to deliver Wi-Fi service that can replace the functionality of a traditional Ethernet switch. Now the ability to securely deliver data, voice, and video services to large user populations is realizable - and all at reduced deployment and ownership costs compared to traditional wired networks.

Up to 16 Integrated Access Points in a single device
Embedded Wi-Fi Controller/switch
Multi-sector Antenna System
Integrated Gigabit switch
Dedicated Wi-Fi threat sensor and spectrum analyzer
Wi-Fi stateful Firewall

Value Delivered
Wi-Fi Bandwidth up to 4.8Gbps
Coverage up to 125,000sqft
75% fewer devices to deploy and manage
Integrated intrusion detection and prevention


Xirrus XN12 Highlights

  • More Coverage per device - delivers 4x more coverage than traditional APs
  • More users per device - supports 100’s of users per device
  • High Performance Wi-Fi - up to 8X the bandwidth and 14X the throughput of traditional APs
  • Best RF management - multiple tunable radios, automatic channel, cell, interference, and load optimization of the RF environment
  • Highly Secure Wi-Fi - integrated Wi-Fi Firewall, integrated spectrum analyzer, and dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor, and rogue AP blocking
  • Highly Resilient Wi-Fi - resiliency at the radio, Array, uplink, backhaul and power level
  • Line Rate Encryption - line rate encryption within the Array - no bottlenecks
  • Future Proof - modular design and flash upgradeable allows for quick field upgrades
  • Reduced Cost - 75% less devices, cabling, switch ports, and installation time
  • Layer 3 Roaming - security policies can be created for different types of users to control parameters such as time-of-day and day-of-the week access, QoS, and traffic limits
  • Location Services - clients location can be mapped to building floor plans based on location of the client relative to the Array

Array Architecture
The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array represents the next generation in Wi-Fi architectures - integrating up to 16 Wi-Fi radios with an onboard Wi-Fi controller, Gigabit Switch, Firewall, Spectrum Analyzer, and a dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor into a single device.

Multiple radios are co-located in a circular configuration to create a radio "Array" that provides significant range, capacity, and RF management advantages. Each Integrated Access Point (IAP) uses a high gain, directional Antenna System to deliver increased transmit gain and receive sensitivity in all directions, resulting in up to 4x the coverage area of traditional AP / Wi-Fi controller architectures.

By implementing the intelligence at the edge of the network, rather than in a centralized controller, the Xirrus Array improves network efficiency, lowers latency, improves network throughput, and simplifies network deployment.

The Xirrus 802.11n Array uses 3x3 MIMO technology to support data rates up to 300 Mbps per radio. The Array has three built in antennas per IAP integrating up to 60 antennas into a single device. The Arrays unique architecture provides an easy to install, aesthetically pleasing solution with no need for external cables or antennas.


The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array delivers the most coverage, bandwidth, throughput, and support for more users on a per device and per system basis that anything else available on the market today - resulting in a solution that uses 75% fewer devices, cabling, switch ports, power, space, and installation time compared with any other offering.

Longer Range - Extended Coverage Area

  • Multi-radio, multi-sector antenna system creates a customizable 360 coverage pattern
  • Directional antennas provide increased transmit gain and greater receive sensitivity to increase range
  • Provides 2X the range and 4X the coverage area, enabling greater data rates at a given range

Superior Wi-Fi Performance

  • Delivers up to 4.8Gbps of RF bandwidth to provide up to 8x the capacity of devices used in current Wi-Fi deployments
  • Embedded Array Controller features multi-gigabit switching fabric and provides unprecedented coordination of the RF spectrum, security and Quality of Service (QoS) functions across the Integrated Access Points

Structured Wi-Fi Management

  • Dynamic channel assignment and monitoring of interference optimizes spectrum usage
  • Each RF sector size can be independently controlled, creating an adaptive pattern of desired coverage or to limit RF "bleed" outside of a given area
  • Load balances clients across the Integrated Access Points based on changing load conditions

Enterprise-Grade Security

  • Supports the latest wireless encryption and authentication standards including IEEE 802.1x, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and IEEE 802.11i AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) for data protection
  • Monitors the RF environment for rogue access points and other security threats by dedicating one 802.11a/b/g IAP as a full-time Wi-Fi Threat Sensor
  • Array maintains intrusion detection table for all detected APs, adhocs, and stations
  • Unauthorized AP can be blocked preventing network users from associating to rogue APs
  • Integrated Spectrum Analyzer helps identify interface and provide insight into network behavior
  • Integrates with Xirrus Defense Module application to provide a proactive Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
  • Interfaces with external RADIUS servers to ensure proper authentication and accounting of users - also includes an embedded RADIUS server to support smaller deployments
  • Physical security of the Array is provided through a Kensington locking mechanism
  • Authentication for newly deployed Arrays can be automated using the optional Xirrus Management System
  • Each Array ships in a secure mode with the RF interfaces disabled ensuring the system is completely secure from installation through start up
  • Dynamic VLANS enable the Array to dynamically assign wireless stations to VLANs specified by RADIUS policy settings
  • Stateful firewall protects wireless network from unauthorized traffic

Deployment Efficiency

  • Simplifies Wi-Fi deployments by reducing the number of devices to install, manage, and support an average of 75%
  • Modular design allows for the replacement of Integrated Access Points for future upgrades as new 802.11 standards become available
  • Xirrus Management System provides efficient central management for large Array deployments, automatically discovering, authenticating and configuring new Arrays as they join the network
  • Straightforward installation using the included ceiling mounting kit with template or using optional indoor and outdoor enclosures



  • Multiple points of redundancy, including at the radio, uplink port, and Array levels
  • Adjacent RF sectors overlap to provide continual service in the unlikely event of an Integrated Access Point failure
  • Radio Assurance executes self-diagnosis to detect and correct many issues before they are detected by network users
  • Integrated self-test helps validate integrity of Array and isolates issues to simplify troubleshooting
  • Full Array failover available by configuring a secondary Array to be used in a "hot standby" mode

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