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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Intermec Software - Application Software - VirtualCooler

Latest Presales Technology
The VirtualCooler™ from Intermec Technologies Corporation represents the latest presales technology for product ordering, static data capture and shelf set capability in a full screen Win95 platform. This exciting new application extends shelf set, multimedia presentations and graphics image capabilities to field sales organizations. Designed for a full screen Win95 platform, it utilizes the capabilities of today's software suites.


  • Full screen Windows 95 platform
  • Graphics view allows product to be viewed in shelf set format
  • "Help" system provides ongoing support and reduces startup costs
  • Allows use of other applications, such as PowerPoint, for professional presentations
  • Customizable data points allow flexibility
  • Displays useful historical information
  • Integrates seamlessly with SDM™ software

Graphics Data Form
One of the most exciting features of VirtualCooler is the ability to display actual images of house brands, as well as competitors' brands! The special graphics view allows quick selection of products for static data capture and allows the products to be viewed in the current shelf set format. Users can even change the shelf set with VirtualCooler. Changes to product position and facings can also be handled quickly and easily.

Multimedia Help
The VirtualCooler incorporates the latest multimedia help system in the industry. Use the onboard "help" system to walk you through the order taking process. The "this is" feature provides instant information regarding the specific use of all application icons. The "help" system is designed to reduce startup training costs and provide ongoing support for seldom used VirtualCooler features.

External Programs
VirtualCooler can directly download presentations. This powerful feature provides sales reps with the power of on-premise professional presentations such as new product introductions, promotions or even the latest TV commercial. Virtually any document or application can be made available within the VirtualCooler.

Customizable Data Points
The ability to create any product or customer data point for data collection establishes a new standard in flexibility and usefulness in a presales application. Designed to capture specific data when you want it, VirtualCooler provides a powerful tool for competitive data capture, and anticipates requirements well into the future.

Unlimited Sales History
Hard drive storage capacity provides VirtualCooler with a tremendous amount of historical information. Specific history views can be customized and displayed based on need.

Sales Delivery & Merchandising (SDM) Presales Capability

The SDM presales application tracks the delivery of product as it is placed with retailers and assists with merchandising to increase product sales.

Data for this application is transmitted by VirtualCooler to the host computer. This enables VirtualCooler to integrate seamlessly with SDM-capable delivery routes.

Another special feature allows an existing SDM host interface to populate the VirtualCooler database. This lets current SDM users install VirtualCooler with few or no changes to the host.



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