Towa APN10-30 Applicator

Towa APN10-30 Applicator
Towa APN10-30 Applicator
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Towa APN10-30 Applicator

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number APN10-30
Manufacturer Towa
Additional Information


TOWA APN10 Label Applicator Series (For Smaller Labels) (Towa Applicator / Towa Dispenser)

Label applicators increase productivity and help the bottom line. Every business that uses labels can benefit from this label applicator.

The TOWA APN10 applicators are designed to apply smaller labels.

One type of APN10 applicators: APN10-30.


Key Points

No feeding holes, slits or eye-marks (black marks) required on release liner

  • No mechanical adjustment is needed in different sizes of labels
  • 2-3mm gap between each label is required
  • Supports use of the label size from 10x30mm up to 60x30mm. For pre-printed general roll labels. No special (punched or slit) labels or separators required.
  • You can use labels in roll, printed barcode labels and rewound rolls.
  • Labels must be more than 50um thick for all models.

Media Specifications

  • It's unnecessary to make a slit or slot on backing paper for feeding of labels.
  • Labels with less than 50ųm thickness is unacceptable for all models.
  • Some types of labels (films), synthetic paper may not be supported.
  • Label wound-in is recommended to use.
  • 3" label core adapter can be supplied as an option.
  • Use only die-cut labels.
  • A cotton-swab moistened with ALCOHOL, is recommended to wipe adhesive from Mech-Sensor.

Towa APN10 Applicator Series Specifications

Model Label
Label Size STROKE Label Size WIDTH Max Outer Diameter
APN10-30 2-3 mm 10-60 mm 20-30 mm 100 mm

Notice: The width of release liner can be applicable +2mm at both sides.


Determining Your Towa Applicator Needs

The following specifications offer guidelines to use when selecting the appropriate dispenser for your needs.

Dimension 30mm
Roll Size 88.9mm OD
3 1/2"
Core Size 25.4mm ID 1"
Max Label Width 28.575mm
1 1/8"
Min Label Width 20mm
Max Label Repeat 63.5mm
2 1/2"
Min Label Repeat 6.35mm
Die Cut Only YES

Notes: OD refers to "Outer Dimension" of the roll, while ID refers to "Inner Dimension" of the core. "Label Repeat" indicates the distance from the beginning of one label to the beginning of the next label.

Labeler Applications

Courier Industry: Mailing Seals and Address Labels and Tags
APN10 has been adopted by the largest transport company to apply mailing label on the package and also many users of the company also use it by themselves to apply the label supplied from the company.


Barcode Printed Labels
Many kinds of labels such as barcode labels printed by a printer is applied after you rewind it. In case of small amount of labels, you can rewind by hand and set it in use. Please note that the labels need to be "wound out" to work better in the Towa Applicators. RACO carries both unwinders and rewinders.


Agriculture and Fishery Industry
Nowadays it is increasing the demand of product information such as a producer and the place of production as traceability like Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). To disclose the place of production the APN10 applicator helps greatly for the labeling works in the industry. It is suitable to apply the label on fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, fish, seafood and so on at the point-of-ship from farms and fishing ports.

Labeling on Soft Articles Like Eggs, Strawberries That are Vulnerable To Damage
The optional Sponge Roller reduces labeling damage on soft articles. The Sponge Roller is available as a part by option.

Other Industry Examples
APN10 is preferred for labeling works to apply special campaign seal on the articles in beverages makers, foods makers and convenience stores. Also it is used to apply a label like "Today's Special ", "Special Discount", "Time Service" etc in supermarkets, food shops, food shops in department stores. Especially it helps labeling works in short time to apply Time Service label on foods package in order to sell off before the stores to close. Some customers who use to apply IC label (IC tag) or RFID label (RFID tag) by APF. (Please ask us before use.)

Loading the Towa Applicator Directions


How to use Labeler (Towa Applicator)
Towa Applicator remove label guide by turning to the right 1. Remove label guide by turning to the right and place your roll of labels onto the spooler. Replace the guide by pressing inward and turning to the left.
Towa applicator pull labels under the transparent pressure plate 2. Pull labels under the transparent pressure plate. Open the bottom gate, releasing the latch marked "OPEN" (do not force), and thread label edge along the bottom gate.
Towa applicators close the bottom gate 3. Close the bottom gate by returning the latch marked "OPEN" back into the locked position. The serrated edge is used to remove the excess label liner.
Towa applicators - labels are released as you squeeze the handle. 4. Labels are released as you squeeze the handle. As you squeeze, pull the applicator along in a fluid motion over the surface of the item being labeled.
Cleaning and removing stuck labels from towa applicators Cleaning/Removing Stuck Labels
Unscrew 2 screws. Easily remove stuck label by solvent for strong adhesive.