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Star SP200 Series
No Longer Available


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Star Micronics



This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.



Star Micronics SP200 Series (SP212, SP216) Low Cost Impact Dot Matrix Receipt Printers

  • Light weight and compact

  • Black and red printing available on SP216

  • Ideal printer for CAT (Credit Authorization Terminal)

  • High speed printing: approx 2.5 lines per second

  • Highly reliable metal tear bar

  • Popular 3" width roll paper

  • SP212 featured in photo

Star SP200 Series Product Range

  • SP212FC Single Color - Parallel I/F Single Color

  • SP212FD Single Color - Serial I/F Single Color

  • SP216FC Two Color - Parallel I/F Black & Red

  • SP216FD Two Color - Serial I/F Black & Red

General Specifications

Print Method
7pin Serial impact dot matrix

Print Direction

Number of Columns
42 (16 CPI), 35 (13.4 CPI)

Character Fonts
7 (half dot) x 9 or 9 (half dot) x 7

Dot Pitch
0.316 H x 0.423 V

Line Spacing
1/6" (fixed)

Character Size
16, 13.4 CPI

Printing Speed
Approx. 2.5 lines/sec

Paper Feed Speed

Character Set
ASCII, International, Special, IBM Special

Ink Ribbon Type
Ribbon cassette

Ink Ribbons Life
SP212: RC200P (purple) is 3 million characters, RC200B (black) 1.2 million
SP216: RC200BR (black/red) 0.6/0.3 million

Paper Media
Paper rolls

Paper Material
Normal or carbonless paper

Paper Width
3.0" (76mm)

Paper Diameter
3.35" (85mm) max

Paper Thickness
0.003" to 0.004" (0.07mm to 0.10mm) - single copy

Paper Copies
Three ply - max 0.008" (0.2mm)
Each paper should be 0.002" (0.05mm) to 0.003" (0.08mm) in thickness

MCBF Reliability 
2.5 million lines

Print Head Reliability
75 million characters

Operating Conditions
0 to 50C, 10 to 80% RH (w/o condensation)

Storage Conditions
-20 to 70C, 5 to 95% RH (w/o condensation)

Power Supply
AC 100, 120, 230, 240V

Current Consumption
Max. 24W (Avg. 19W)

Paper Out Detector
Mechanical switch

Cash Drawer Driver
1 circuit (24V, Max. 1A)

Data Buffer
Approx. 1KB

Serial (RS232C) or Parallel

158mm W x 193mm H x 234mm D 

Approx. 3kg

Star Micronics SP200 Series Applications

  • POS
    Customer Receipts
  • CAT
    Credit Card Authorization Terminals

    Multiple Copies
  • Restaurant
    Guest Checks
  • Data Terminals
    Service Reports
    Data Loggers

Star Micronics SP200 Series Benefits

  • Tear bar and auto-cutter versions available with either single or 2 color printing.
  • Print customer and store copies with multiple copy support.
  • Free up valuable counter space with the SP200s small footprint.

Star Micronics SP200 Series (SP212, SP216) Low Cost Impact Dot Matrix Receipt Printers Pricing:

Parts # Description
SP212FC42-120 Parallel 42 Column Receipt Printer
SP212FD42-120 Serial 42 Column Receipt Printer
SP216FC42-120 Parallel 42 Column - 2 Color (Black & Red) Receipt Printer
SP216FD42-120 Serial 42 Column - 2 Color (Black & Red) Receipt Printer
SP212FC42-230 Parallel 42 Column Receipt Printer - 230 Volt
SP212FD42-230 Serial 42 Column Receipt Printer - 230 Volt
SP216FD42-120GRY Serial 42 Column - 2 Color (Black & Red) Receipt Printer - Gray
SP216FC-42-120 Parallel 42 Column - 2 Color (Black & Red) Receipt Printer
Parts # Description
00930603 Screws for SP212 tear bar
30822715 SP212/216 tech manual 2nd
37301011 Upper case unit SP212
39300036 SP212FD-230 with Thai power supply
TSP212-120 Refer to TSP212-24 + PS60A-24A
TSP212-24 3" x 3.125" DT prtr, ser/par'l (req.PS60A-24A P/S)
37301011-GRAY Upper case for SP216
SP216FC42-120GRY 76mm (3") dot matrix, par'l 2color, gray, pwr supply
SP216FD42-120GRY 76mm (3") dot matrix, ser'l 2color, gray, pwr supply
SP216FD42-120SQL 76mm(3")dotmatrix rcpt prtr,squirrelEEPROM,serial
37431000 Upper case unit for TSP242-120 printer
SP242FC42-120 76mm(3")dotmatrix recpt,autocutter,beige,par'l,pwr sup
SP242FD42-120 76mm(3")dotmatrix recpt,autocutter,ser'l,beige,pwr sup
TSP242-24 3" & 3.125" Dt printer,A/C,par/ser(req.PS60A-24A P/S)
SP246FC42-120 76mm(3")dot matrix recpt.2color, par'l, beige, pwr supp
SP246FD42-120 76mm(3")dot matrix recpt prtr, 2color, autocutr, ser.
01902618 Screw TAT 2.6-4 SP200
04012003 Roll pin SP200 0X8
08250018 Cov chip for the SP200
12V CASH DRAWER ADAP For SP200/300 37991960
30060010 Operation sheet SP200
30250010 Screw 3.0 SP200
30290010 Damper rubber SP200
30720010 Cable 23x60 SP200
30802000 SP200 inner carton
30810000 SP200 inner packaging material-upper cushion
30810001 SP200 inner packaging material-lower cushion
30822705 SP200 technical manual 1st
32040010 Paper holder for SP200
32970010 Tear bar SP200
33020022 Cover SP200
33021020 Upper case SP200
33902010 Platen base assy SP200
33910011 Paper guide, SP200
33910160 Roll paper holder, 80mm for TSP200GRY
33980010 Ribbon shaft, SP200
37002070 SP2000 PE switch unit
37008610 Trigger assy SP200
37302400 Near end paper sensor for SP200
37319210 Power supply Rev2 SP200
37432000 Knife/cutter assembly for TSP200 w/int PS
39607110 Parallel interface adapter board for SP2000
DP200-12 Printhead, 12V for SP200
PS-48 Power supply for SP2000 only
PW2000-24 Rewinder for SP2000 Series
RC200B Black ribbon,SP200/2000,SP500Series, min. order=12
RC200BR Blk/Red ribbon,SP200/2000/SP500 ptrs, min. order=12
RC200P Purple ribbon, SP200/2000/500 Series, min.order=12
WB-D200 SP2000 wall mount bracket
WB-D2000 Wall mount for SP2000

Additional Information

Features N/A
Spec Sheet N/A
Manufacturer Part Number N/A
RACO Part Number N/A
Manufacturer Star Micronics
Standard Memory N/A
Flash Memory N/A
Screen Resolution N/A
Display Color N/A
Scanner Type N/A
Data Collection Type N/A
Product Color N/A
Resolution N/A
Max Print Width N/A
Max Roll Diameter N/A
Max Label Width N/A
Interface N/A
Product Type N/A
Connectivity N/A
Scanner Capability N/A
Image Sensor N/A
Operating System N/A
Print Color N/A
Obsolete 1