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Series 9600 Laser Scanners
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ID TECH Series 9600 Laser Scanners Non-Contact Bar Code Scanners

The 9600 Hand-held Laser Bar Code Readers from ID TECH. are complete solutions for your bar code reading needs. They contain, in a single compact unit, both the scanning productivity of a laser and the decoding features needed to read bar codes quickly and accurately. Only a single cable connection to your computer or terminal is required.

The ergonomically designed units are small and light weight, yet comfortable to use in high volume scanning applications. Containing a high quality laser scanning system, the Series 9600 Laser Scanners are ideal for productivity scanning where time means money. With a typical Scan rate of 30 times per second, they can quickly read low quality or damaged bar codes without the need for the operator to rescan or reposition the items. The precision optics can reliably scan bar codes at angles exceeding 45 degrees, making them ideal for scanning large, bulky items that cannot be easily moved or that have restricted accessibility. At the same time, small, high density, bar codes can be easily accommodated by simply holding the scanner closer to the symbol.

  • 3-Way Setup -- Easily configured using bar code menus or "cloned" from another unit. The configuration settings can be reviewed on a computer screen by scanning a "Review" code.
  • 3-in-1 Interface -- The decoded version can be selected to operate as a keyboard wedge, an RS232 device or to emulate a wand. There is no need to purchase several different models to accommodate changing interface needs.
  • Data Editing -- A unique Data Editing feature allows the user to edit the scanned data to include other information or to exclude some of the data. This can be done in the field using bar coded menus or by downloading a configuration file from a PC.

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