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SATO Kendo
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Sato Kendo Labeler (Sato One Line Labeler) 

SATO KENDO Labeler Hand Labeling Systems (Labeller)

Inspired by the Japanese martial art of fencing from which it takes its name, the new SATO KENDO hand labeler is a versatile tool with applications in industries such as retail, healthcare, food and manufacturing.

Weighing each a mere 280 grams (without the label), the new SATO KENDO line prints single-line labels. The three models in this line support five different labels types; two of them, SATO KENDO22 and SATO KENDO26 dispense both wavy and rectangular shape labels. One of the major improvements of the SATO KENDO line is the wide open path that allows for easy loading of labels wound both face-in and face-out. Say goodbye to messy ink roller replacement. With the new loading mechanism, replacement of the ink rollers is a breeze; simply fit the ink roller directly in the ink roller slot. The ink roller loaded in a plastic capsule is packaged in a foil bag. They have been designed for optimum release rate so as to guarantee proper coverage and as a result better clarity of printout on the label. The print band and band width for all the models have also been improved making the characters on the black-on-yellow print band more legible. SATO KENDO26 has an expanded print band of 10 characters in answer to the request from some Asian and East European countries where, for instance, many-digit currency figures are in use. Another feature of note, again with the operators in Asia in mind, is the availability of European and Asian fonts.

The new SATO KENDO hand labelers come in three exciting colors: purple, red and black. It supports 5 different label types.

Kendo and Judo are the new hand held labelers from SATO. They incorporate the latest technology to ensure not only clear print on every label but ease of loading and replacement of the ink roller.

  • Easy-to-load 'drop-in' ink roller
  • Open path for easy label loading
  • Quality index (readout) band
  • Clear, large font type
  • Fast, easy & flexible
  • Precise printing
  • European layouts
  • Light and comfortable grip
  • Various sizes and shapes of labels


Easy-to-load ink roller
Easy-to-load labels
Clear and vivid print out 

Sato Kendo Labeler Models and Band Setups:

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Model Number 1-4 Labelers * 5-9 Labelers * 10+ Labelers *
Model 2200 - - -
Model 2600 - - -

* Minimum quantities may apply.


NOTE: Labels shown are not actual size and colors shown may vary from actual label colors.

Sato Kendo Labeler (SATO One Line Labelers) Labels

  Print 6 & 8 alphanumeric character per line
  Rectangular (Punch -Hole) label


Label size: W22mm x P12mm
  Print 6 & 8 alphanumeric character per line
  Rectangular and wavy labels
Label size: W22mm x P12mm
  Print 6, 8 & 10 alphanumeric character per line
  Rectangular and wavy labels
Label size: W26mm x P12mm


SATO Kendo Labeler  2200 Labels
Price Per Thousand (m)
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(1500/roll, 21M/box, 252M/case)
(14 rolls per box - 12 boxes per case)

  21M 42M 84M 126M 252M
stock - - - - -
custom - - - - -


SATO Kendo Labeler  2600 Labels
Price Per Thousand (m)
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(1500/roll, 18M/box, 216M/case)
(12 rolls per box - 12 boxes per case)

  18M 36M 72M 144M 216M
stock - - - - -
custom - - - - -

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