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PSC SnapShot(formerly Percon)
No Longer Available








This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.



PSC SnapShot Bar Code Scanners

The PSC SnapShot is a lightweight, yet rugged bar code scanner. It is simple to use; just point the scanning window at a bar code and press the trigger. A red light emitting diode (LED) on the top of the SnapShot indicates when the SnapShot is scanning, and a green LED indicates when a scan is successful.

Two models to choose from
SnapShot is available as a decoded or undecoded scanner. Decoded models can be connected to any supported PC or terminal as either a keyboard wedge or a serial device. Undecoded models must be used with PSC PowerWedge fixed station decoder (or similar decoders) or with portable data-collection terminals (such as the PSC PT 2000).

The scanning range depends on the type of SnapShot scanner you are using. Currently there are three types of decoded and undecoded scanning performances to choose from.

A SnapShot User Manual is included with each product shipped. This manual gives the end user a product overview and installation guidelines for each decoder.

The SnapShot Programming Manual offers complete information necessary for utilizing each unit/s programmable options. They are recommended for VARs, Systems Integrators and end users programming the SnapShot decoded models.

Laser Stand
An optional stand is available for the SnapShot. The stand lets you mount the SnapShot at variable positions for hands-free scanning. Users can program the decoded SnapShot's laser trigger modes for even greater functionality when using the SnapShot stand.


  • Compact, ergonomic design

  • Lightweight, yet rugged

  • Competitive and cost-effective laser scanning solution

  • Variety of scanning performance levels in both decoded and undecoded models

  • Common interfaces, cabling, programmability, service and support with other PSC decoder products

  • One manufacturer for all your decoder needs

SnapShot Handheld Laser Scanner
SnapShot is the right choice for fast, accurate, non-contact scanning. It is a cost-effective laser scanner featuring an ergonomic design, fast, aggressive scanning performance, and a number of features not found in most laser scanners.
Lightweight and compact, the SnapShot withstands repeated five-foot drops to concrete. Non-contact scanning enables the user to easily read bar codes on flat, curved and irregular surfaces up to distances of 36" (91cm). The SnapShot operates in normal office, retail and light industrial environments.

SnapShot is available in undecoded or decoded models. The decoded models can be connected to any supported PC or terminal as either a keyboard wedge or a serial device. Undecoded models must be used with PSC PowerWedge decoders (or similar decoders) or with portable data collection terminals including the PSC PT 2000 and Falcon portable terminals.

Choose the performance you need with your decoded or undecoded SnapShot laser-standard, enhanced or high density- for reading poorly printed dot matrix labels and high density labels as low as 2.5 mils. 

SnapShot decoded models feature built-in decoding power, providing you with the ability to connect directly to your computer or terminal. Each unit provides you with the same features found in the PowerWedge 20 decoder:

  • Serial and keyboard wedge interfaces

  • Supports all popular bar code symbologies

  • Four types of programming methods: bar code label, bar code batch, serial batch, and on-screen

  • Laser trigger modes

  • Full keyboard support

Cabling options for each SnapShot model are easy to configure. Each cable features an RJ-45 connector on one end which plugs into the SnapShot laser's base.

The other end of the cable can be ordered to your specific model and application and includes PC DIN (AT), Mini DIN (PS2), 9- and 25-pin RS-232 serial and an adapter cable which allows you to configure your SnapShot to work with any one of the 300 computers and terminals supported by the PowerWedge 20.

The SnapShot stand allows you to mount the SnapShot laser in variable positions for hands-free, presentation scanning. Just place the SnapShot scanner into the stand and pass the bar coded items one at a time, underneath the scan head. Quickly remove the SnapShot from the stand when scanning larger items and return it to the stand when finished. The stand's small footprint provides you with lasting convenience when using the laser in a fixed-station environment.


  • Stand

  • Cable

  • Hood

General Specifications

5.4" H x 2.3" W x 3.3" D (13.7cm H x 5.8cm W x 8.4cm D)

5 oz (142g)

Length: 6.0' (1.8m)
Weight: 3.3 - 4.2oz (93.6 - 119.1g)


Operating Temperature
-22 to 122F (-30 to 50C)

Storage Temperature
40 to 140F (-40 to 60C)

5 to 95% NC

Multiple 5ft. drops to concrete

Operates in all commercial and industrial environments

Decoding Capability (autodiscriminates between)

  • UPC A, E / EAN3, 13 / JAN 8, 13 (P2 / P5, Code 128 EAN add-ons)

  • Code 128

  • Code 39

  • Code 39 Full ASCII

  • Code 93

  • Code 11

  • Ames

  • ISBN/ISSN conversion

  • MSI / Plessey

  • Interleaved 2 of 5

  • Standard 2 of 5

  • Matrix 2 of 5

  • Codabar

  • Label codes 4/5


Operating Voltage
Undecoded: 4.50 VDC to 5.50 VDC
Decoded: 4.75 VDC to 14.00 VDC

Operating Current (nominal)
Undecoded: 85mA @ 5 VDC
Decoded: 170mA @ 5 VDC

Idling Current - low power mode
Undecoded: 10A @ 5 VDC
Decoded: 40mA @ 5 VDC


Light Source
Undecoded: 670nm
Decoded: 670nm
Visible Laser Diodes (VLD)

Scan Rate
36 scans/sec

Depth of Field 
(printing resolution, contrast and ambient light dependent)

Standard - Decoded
5mil 2.0" - 4.0" (5.0 - 10.0cm)
7.5mil 1.5" - 7.2" (3.8 - 18.0cm)
13mil 1.5" - 10.0" (3.8 - 25.0cm)
20mil * 0.0 - 14.0" (* 0.0 - 35.0cm)
40mil * 0.0 - 18.0" (* 0.0 - 45.0cm)
55mil * 0.0 - 23.0" (* 0.0 - 58.0cm)
Enhanced - Decoded
5mil 3.0" - 5.0" (7.6cm - 12.7cm)
7.5mil  2.5" - 9.0" (6.4cm - 23.0cm)
10mil 2.5" - 13.0" (6.4cm - 33.0cm)
15mil 2.5" - 20.0" (6.4cm - 51.0cm)
20mil * 0.0 - 22.0" (* 0.0 - 56.0cm)
40mil * 0.0 - 30.0" (* 0.0 - 76.0cm)
55mil * 0.0 - 36.0" (* 0.0 - 91.0cm)
High Density - Decoded
2.5mil 2.3" - 2.8" (5.7 - 7.0cm)
5mil 2.0" - 5.0" (5.0 - 12.7cm)
7.5mil 2.0" - 5.5" (5.0 - 14.0cm)
13mil 2.8" - 6.5" (7.1 - 16.5cm)

* Minimum distance determined by symbol length and scan angle

Print Contrast Ratio
0.2 minimum



Ambient Light Immunity
Artificial light: 450 ft-candles (4,844lux)
Sunlight: 8,000 ft-candles (86,112lux)
Immune to direct exposure to normal office, retail, and factory lighting conditions.

Safety / Regulatory

Complies to: UL

FCC Part 15 - Class A

Laser Classifications
CDRH Class II 
(CAUTION: Laser Radiation - do not stare into beam)
IEC Laser Class 2

Options (Decoded Only)

  • General
    Host compatibility; Select automatic terminator; Add intercharacter delay; Add CCD/laser redundancy check; Three trigger modes (main input only); Adjustable good read beep pitch/volume/quantity; Change upper case to lower case; Enable/disable the programming methods to enter PROGRAM mode; Operates without keyboard

  • Input Editing
    Enable/disable four data editors; Define data qualifiers [bar code type(s), bar code length(s)]; Define data fields by length or delimiters; Define fields (up to 16) of text and action keys to be added to data string; Define output sequence of data fields and added data fields; Define output redirection

  • Bar Code Programming
    Select bar code type(s); Set minimum/maximum lengths for each bar code type; Convert UPC-E bar codes to UPC-A format; Convert UPC-A barcodes to EAN/JAN format; Enable/disable checksum and check digits where valid; Enable/disable UPC system digit, and check digit, and EAN/JAN country code; Add user-defined preamble/postamble to each transmission; indicate bar code type; Bar code menu; interactive on-screen menu; Bar code label; Serial batch file

  • Serial Communications
    Baud rate: 300 to 56.7kbps; Adjustable bits, parity, stop; XON/XOFF; User-defined EOR; EOR or ACK/NAK protocol; Host response required; Host controlled indicators

  • Interface
    Keyboard wedge, RS232

PSC SnapShot Bar Code Scanners Pricing:

Product Number Description
00-000-91 SnapShot Standard Undecoded
00-000-96 SnapShot Standard Decoded
00-000-98 SnapShot High Density Decoded
00-342-00 SnapShot Cable 9 pin Undecoded
00-340-00 SnapShot Cable AT Wedge
00-341-00 SnapShot Cable PS/2 Wedge
00-343-00 SnapShot Cable PC Serial 9 Pin
00-344-00 SnapShot Cable PC Serial 25 Pin
00-345-00 SnapShot Cable Percon Adapter
00-896-00 SnapShot Power Supply
00350-00 SnapShot Stand
00351-00 SnapShot Hood

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Additional Information

Features N/A
Spec Sheet N/A
Manufacturer Part Number N/A
RACO Part Number N/A
Manufacturer PSC
Standard Memory N/A
Flash Memory N/A
Screen Resolution N/A
Display Color N/A
Scanner Type N/A
Data Collection Type N/A
Product Color N/A
Resolution N/A
Max Print Width N/A
Max Roll Diameter N/A
Max Label Width N/A
Interface N/A
Product Type N/A
Connectivity N/A
Scanner Capability N/A
Image Sensor N/A
Operating System N/A
Print Color N/A
Obsolete 1