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PSC Falcon 510/515
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.



PSC Falcon 510 & PSC Falcon 515 Fixed Station Data Terminals

We had your multiple applications in mind with PSC Falcon 510 and PSC 515 Fixed Station Data Terminals

The PSC Falcon 510 and 515 are the latest members of the reliable, feature rich Falcon line of industrial data collection equipment from PSC. This new rugged fixed station terminal was designed with flexibility in mind; supporting open systems architecture, an extensive set of host connectivity options and interface capabilities for a wide array of data input devices. These rich features combined with an attractive price enable the PSC Falcon 510/515 to operate in a wide variety of stand-alone and enterprise-wide data collection and system control applications.

The PSC Falcon 510/515 has a powerful 486 class processor, running at 33MHz, and operates under DOS 6.22. The Falcon comes standard with 8Mb of RAM, 2MB of Flash ROM, two internal PCMCIA Type II slots, a 15 line x 40 character mono or color display and full 69 key QWERTY keypad. Because the PSC Falcon 510/515 uses a standard operating system, you can run applications previously developed for portable PSC Falcon terminals or other DOS computers. You can also use popular PC development tools like PSC's Universal Program Generator to create custom applications for your data collection and system control needs.

Innovative Host Connectivity
The PSC Falcon 510/515 supports an extensive set of host connectivity solutions. The 510 can be configured as a stand-alone batch terminal with modem for remote applications or as a device on your existing Ethernet LAN. When configured as a device on your Ethernet LAN you get the benefits of real-time data sharing and storage at the central server, along with convenient features like multi-location upgrading of your application and configuration changes without removing a single unit from its physical location.

The PSC Falcon 515 sets the standard for flexibility allowing both wired network and RF connectivity to your host. The RF wireless network capability provides the connectivity for data collection applications where physical limitations prohibit hardwiring and real-time information is critical. The Falcon 515 can be configured with any of the leading wireless 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio options which include Aironet/Cisco, Lucent, Proxim and Symbol.

Additional flexibility comes when you use the PSC Falcon 515 as terminals on existing legacy systems. With our PowerNet software these new Falcon terminals can support VT100, VT220, HP700/92, IBM 3270 and IBM 5250 terminal emulations, with the ability to operate in both server and server-less environments.

A Multitude of Data Input Options
The Falcon 510 and 515 were specially designed to support your various data input needs, along with standard QWERTY keypad, the system can be configured with an integrated reader for magnetic stripe or bar code swipe cards for labor tracking or security applications. Additionally the Falcon 510 or 515 can receive input from bar code wands, undecoded laser scanners, and imaging scanners while controlling standard RS232 devices such as line printers, bar code label printers and scales. Finally, the Falcon 510 and 515 can be configured with 16 User programmable I/O ports, 8 optically isolated digital inputs and 8 relay protected digital outputs. This unique feature enables these new fixed station terminals to be used for custom process and control applications.

Ideal for:

  • Shop Floor Data Collection

  • Warehouse Management

  • Labor and Asset Tracking

  • Industrial Process Control

Additional Standard Features

  • Internal speaker with programmable tone and volume

  • Connection for an external speaker

  • Wall mounting bracket with service hinge feature

  • Rechargeable battery backup for protection of vital data

  • Internal decoder allows autodiscrimination of 20 different bar code types

General Specifications


12.0 x 9.0 x 2.7" (30.5 x 22.9 x 6.9cm)

5.00lbs (2.27kg)

Monochrome supertwist LCD
CCFL Backlight
320 x 240 pixels
Formats: 15 x 40, and 8 lines x 40 characters

69 alphanumeric keys
QWERTY layout
10 dedicated function keys
Western-European character support

Industrial, high-strength polycarbonate/ABS-blend plastic


Input Power Required
7.5 -16 VDC, 7.5 VDC nominal at 2A
An external 100-250 VAC power supply is available that produces the required Input Power. 
Rechargeable Nicad backup battery


Operating Temperature
32 to 122F (0 to 50C)

Storage Temperature
-4 to 158F (-20 to 70C)

5 to 95% non condensing

Water & Dust
IEC529 rating IP54DW

Decoding Capability (autodiscriminates between)
Code 11
Code 39 Full ASCII
Code 128
ISBN conversion
Matrix 2 of 5
Pharmacode 39
UPC A, E / EAN 8, 13 / JAN 8, 13 (extensions)
Code 39
Code 93
Interleaved 2 of 5
Label Codes 4/5
UCC / EAN 128

Safety & Regulatory

Electrical / Emissions
Complies to CE; TV; FCC-B; EN 55022-B BCIQ CNS 13438; AS/NZS 3458; VCCI-B


Operating System
ROM-DOS 6.22

486 low power, 32-bit microprocessor with system logic, and 8KByte L1 cache; Programmable speeds up to 33MHz; Real-time clock

2MB (DOS, BIOS, applications and data storage)
8MB (for system operation and virtual-disk data storage)

Expandable up to 32MB with PC card

Input Devices
Tethered Bar Code Reader Support; One connector for undecoded laser scanners or wands; One connector for Mag-Stripe Reader (tethered) or wand

Serial Ports
Two 9-Pin D RS-232 ports with 16550 UART, up to 115kbps

PC Card Slots
Two Internal PC Card Type I/II slots for factory installed RF radio cards, ethernet cards, modem cards, and ATA Flash cards

Internal: programmable for volume, duration and pitch
External: speaker jack

Radio Support (Falcon 515)
Cisco Aironet 350 Series; Lucent Orinoco; Proxim RangeLAN2, Symbol Spectrum24; Internal antenna

Software Tools
Windows-based configuration and installation program; Falcon Developer's Toolkit (includes Run-time libraries and technical reference manual); Application can be written using any x86-supported compiler (C, Basic, etc); PowerNet Twin Client terminal emulation for VT100/220, IBM 3270/5250 and HP700/92
For Batch Applications:
Windows-based Universal Program Generator (UPG); Falcon Portable Application Library (PAL); IntelliTrack WMS inventory management software client (Falcon 515 ONLY)

Color LCD display; adjustable desk mount; Mag stripe swipe reader; Bar code swipe reader; 16 user programmable I/O ports; 10/100 Network interface cards; Flash memory cards; 8, 16 or 32MB; 56k internal modem; Choice of RF network cards

PSC Falcon 510 & 515 Fixed Station Data Terminals Pricing:

Number Description
Falcon 510
510-0000-000 Falcon 510, 8MB RAM, 2MB flash, mono, ST I/O
510-0000-005 Falcon 510, 8MB RAM, 2MB flash, mono, enhanced I/O
Falcon 515
515-3001-000 Falcon 515, Mono, std I/O, Lucent 11MB, RF Silver Card, US
515-3001-010 Falcon 515, Color, std I/O, Lucent 11MB, RF Silver Card, US
515-2201-000 Falcon 515, Spectrum 24, Mono, st. I/O, symbol 2 mb rf card, us
515-2201-010 Falcon 515, Spectrum 24, Color, st. I/O, Symbol, 2 MB RF Card, US
515-0600-00 Falcon 515, Mono, Std I/O, Ethernet Card

Additional Information

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Manufacturer PSC
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Screen Resolution N/A
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Product Color N/A
Resolution N/A
Max Print Width N/A
Max Roll Diameter N/A
Max Label Width N/A
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