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Printronix Line Printer
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.




  Front Paper Access
Front Paper Access is an innovative option that allows you to load paper and retrieve output from the front of the printer. This dramatically reduces the space required by the printer, since the rear can now be pushed into a corner or up against the wall (a minimum clearance of 4 inches must remain for the top cover to open.) The adjustable front shelf allows you to select the correct balance between size of source stack and size of stack that can be retrieved from the rear.
  Acoustic Shroud
This assembly mutes the sound emanating from the paper exit slot to quiet the printer be a significant 4 dBA. The is an ideal solution for any pedestal printer operating near people trying to work. This easy to install shroud features a self-guiding paper path and tilt away design for ready access to the media.
  SureStak Power Stacker
Forms that do not refold well or tend to fluff up during printing may not stack properly with the passive stacking aids found in the standard quiet cabinet models. For these applications, a SureStak power stacker option is available. This device actually pulls the printed paper over the top of the print path and pushes it down into the stacking area. There, a series of paddle wheels refold the forms tightly, so even the toughest forms can be printed and stacked neatly. If you are not sure you need this option, order your printer without it knowing that a field installed option is available later to protect your investment.
  Pedestal Front Paper Tray
This low cost option is the ideal solution if you want your paper source to move with the pedestal printer or simply want to keep the forms off the floor. It installs in seconds to existing holes on the P7000 pedestal printer.
  High Rear Tray
This tray is located near the top of the printer making it easy to access the printed output from the front. It is ideal for applications where the printer is placed up against a wall and output stacks are limited to short runs.
  Extended Form Support
To support large format paper stock, the P7000 can be equipped with optional extended doors. Kits are available with one or two extended doors to fit your application. A single extended door will support forms up to 14 inches in length. Two doors will allow 17 inch forms or smaller to fit inside with both doors closed.
  Rear Paper Drawer
This optional pullout drawer assembly makes it significantly safer and easier to unload large paper stacks. The drawer enables the output stack to be moved completely out from under the print mechanism so that the you can reach around the stack and lift it straight up with your legs. Note, this drawer is standard on all with all SureStak power stackers.
  PrintNet Enterprise Ethernet
PrintNet Enterprise combines a fully integrated Ethernet adapter and Java-based remote management software giving users flexibility and control of their printers. This printer management tool provides increased IT resource efficiency, reduced downtime costs, maximized security, and complete compatibility across Printronix printing technologies.
  Wireless Ethernet
In keeping with the latest trends in IT infrastructure, the P7000 family provides 802.11b wireless Ethernet support. The interface option provides software support and a connection slot for a separately available Lucent (Proxim) Orinoco Gold or Cisco AIR-LMC352 PCMCIA card. Just like its wired counterpart, Printronix wireless includes full support for PrintNet Enterprise. This option can be combined with the wired Ethernet interface to give you maximum flexibility.
  TN5250/3270 Ethernet
Traditionally, migrating away from Twinax or Coax to Ethernet eliminated valuable job control along with costly and inflexible infrastructure. Now, with TN3270, TN5250, or the latest IPDS, the choice between job control and cost reduction / flexibility is eliminated. These new options now enable Ethernet printing with the job control these mission critical applications require. Not only does this option preserve the job control, but it adds all the remote management capability of PrintNet Enterprise.
  IGP Graphics Option
IGP provides support for both of Printronix's original PGL language and Magnum Code-V (VGL) language. The powerful graphics suite makes form design with lines, oversized or rotated text, and bar codes easy. The supported bar codes are: Code 39, EAN 8/13, UPC A/E, Postnet, Royal Mail, Interleaved 2 of 5, and PDF417.

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