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PHL 8000
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


For help in choosing a comparable replacement product, feel free to contact one of our RACO Product Specialists.

Opticon PHL8000 PDA Terminal Barcode Scanner Series

The Opticon PHL8000 PDA Terminal Barcode Scanner series (Opticon PHL 8112, PHL 8814, PHL 8152, PHL 8212, PHL 8214) is equipped with Windows CE, the core version of Windows operating systems. Version 5.0 features a Windows familiar graphical user interface and the most popular Windows applications, suitable for the storage capacity and speed of the device.

Remote flexibility and accessibility
The wireless options of connectivity on the Opticon PHL8OOO series provide access to the surrounding (network) system and allow the operator of the PDA to keep track of the changes in the central business process regardless of the physical location.

IrDA Infrared
The IrDA interface is ideal for data exchange to a belt printer.

VoIP Prepared
The W-LAN integration and microphone support offer a platform to install VoIP (Voice over IP) software tools. The only investment is a one-time training for speech recognition. The communication technology to send the voice over IP to the host and vice versa is already available.

Wireless LAN 802.11b
The PHL8000 series is standard equipped with W-LAN. The W-LAN interface provides real-time interoperability and license-free use. Several network safety options are available for authentication and encryption.

Bluetooth 2 .4 GHz
Use the widely available and reliable Bluetooth wireless communication protocol to connect to any mobile or stationary device with Bluetooth capacity.

Optional GPRS/EDGE
850/900/1800/ 1900hz

The PHL8114 and 8214 are equipped with GPRS and EDGE, allowing employees to make optimal use of telecommunication.

Charging and Communication
The terminal can be charged by the dedicated cradle (IRU8000), with charging and communication features. Two slots provide charging of both the docked terminal and a spare battery. The cradle is equipped with an IrDA interface allowing data transfer when the scanner is put in the cradle. External communication is supported by either an RS232 or USB interface.

User Applications
Windows CE 5.0 together with the strong Intel Processor make it easy for organizations to run different applications on one device. Available technologies combined with software components enable the user to create customized solutions. The PHL8000 series has SDK support for its operating system. With the software development kit and Visual Studio the user has the opportunity to build native applications, which can be loaded on the device.

The keypad layout provides clear and easy operable keys. The backlight function on the keypad eases the distinction of the keys in weaker light conditions. Multiple keyboard options provide flexibility, to fit every user preference.

High-Capacity Battery
The Opticon PHL8000 series is standard equipped with a 2200 mAh battery, developed to be used in all kinds of demanding situations. This power supply can easily be replaced by an optional 4000 mAh high-capacity battery, adding even more mobile power.

Fast and aggressive scanning performance
The PDA terminal integrates a high performance barcode scanner. The pre-installed software includes an on-board running application that enables to read the barcodes instantly. There is no need to install any software development kit before scanning. The terminal scans out of the box.

Opticon integrated its industry leading laser scan engine, reading barcodes at a speed of 100 scans per second. This engine is integrated in the Opticon PHL8112, PHL8214, PHL8212 and PHL8214. The series is sealed up to IP 65 standards. This makes the terminal suitable for every day use in harsh situations.

The Opticon PHL8152 uses Opticon’s 2D CMOS imager engine. This (1.3 mega-pixel) grey-scale imager reads - besides the regular linear barcodes - 2D and stacked codes.

Real-Time Mobility
The terminal is driven by an Intel Processor and Microsoft CE 5.0, delivering fast on-demand access to well-known on-board applications. Wireless communication options support this standard configuration. Bluetooth and W-LAN connect to peripheral devices and to back office data networks.

The ruggedized Opticon PHL8000 series withstands drops of 1.5 meter on concrete.

Ideal Tool for:

  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

Opticon PHL8000 Markets

In logistic environments, goods are continuously moving from indoor to outdoor. Scanning devices, identifying these switching goods, need to be water-resistant and ruggedized enough to withstand falls. Article information and logistic specific information are essential to keep track of the goods in the logistic process. With the PHL8000 series, this process can be optimized when truck drivers on the road scan the bills and other documents and transfer the collected information instantly.


  • Online delivery confirmation
  • Controlling (error reduction)
  • Signature capturing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Location tracking/ Route status

The Opticon PHL8000 series realizes transparency in the flow of goods to improve in-store management. Proactive handling of accurate data is crucial. Using the Opticon PHL8000 series gives employees clear insight in the inventory and the possibility to instantly enter orders. This not only helps to limit administration costs, it also provides visibility of economic trends for management decision making.


  • In-store management
  • Stock movement
  • Price checking
  • Instant order entry
  • Asset management

The Opticon PHL8000 series is built from a user’s perspective. Combined with a warehouse management system and communication network, employees have all necessary information available in real-time. Wireless connectivity allows you to use location-based tracking of stock in the warehouse, enabling your staff to pinpoint the exact location of an item at any time. This leads to an increase in productivity.


  • Shipping confirmation
  • Internal distribution
  • Stock location
  • Inventory management
  • Order picking

Service to the customer is number one priority in the hotel and catering industry. The PHL8000 series provides insight information about customer behavior and creates transparency in the flow of goods. Real-time order transmission will save time spent from the customer’s table to the kitchen. Apart from that, quick acting will increase customer loyalty. The administrative features of this mobile terminal even provide the possibility to have inside information about VIP arrangements immediately available.


  • Supply management
  • Customer order entry
  • Purchasing order entry
  • Menu checking
  • Reporting/trend analysis

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