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MobileLAN? Secure - 802.1X
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Intermec MobileLAN 802.1X

  • A complete access control and security solution for the wireless LAN
  • Uses RADIUS to authenticate users
  • Easily managed; does not require unique client certificates when using TTLS
  • Safely deploy secure WLAN access with existing infrastructures
  • Specifically designed RADIUS server meets 802.1x WLAN requirements
  • Easily handles large numbers of WLAN users and transactions

Intermecs MobileLAN secure is a portfolio of WLAN security products, including Intermec MobileLAN secure-802.1x, a complete security solution for use with MobileLAN wireless networks. Its an easy-to-manage system that uses industry-leading RADIUS authentication processes to address the limitations of the WEP security protocol.

Funk Software s Odyssey is an end-to-end 802.1x security solution that lets users securely connect to the WLANs. It can be easily and widely deployed across the enterprise. It secures the authentication and connections of the WLAN users, ensuring that only authorized users can connect, that connection credentials will not be compromised and that data privacy will be maintained.

The Odyssey server is a specialized server based on the RADIUS protocol and provides security information to the Intermec MobileLAN access point so it can set up a private connection over the wireless link.  Odyssey server runs on Windows XP/2000.

802.1x authentication protocols
The Odyssey server supports current EAP authentication types and will support new protocols as they emerge. Protocols currently supported on the server today include EAP-TLS, EAP-Cisco (LEAP) and

EAP-TTLS. Not only does it support multiple types ,but it allows different sets of users to use different authentication types on the same WLAN. This gives the WLAN administrator the flexibility to vary equipment based on the overall security, performance and budgetary goals.

Strong Security
When a user connects to the WLAN using TTLS, protection of both the authentication and subsequent data is connection is provided.

  • The users identity and password are tunneled during authentication negotiations and are not observable in the communications channel preventing dictionary attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks and hijacked connections by wireless eavesdroppers.
  • Dynamic per-session keys are generated to encrypt the wireless connection and protect data  privacy. Odyssey can be configured to re-authenticate and re-key at any interval thwarting attacks against the encryption method used in wireless communication.
  • Odyssey supports most major second factor authentication systems such as tokens, biometrics, smart cards and smart tokens.

Easy Manageability
Odyssey can be easily and widely deployed across an enterprise network. With TTLS, a network manager can set up security based only on server-side certificates, rather than unique certificates on each client. In addition, users can be authenticated safely against the enterprises Windows authentication database. Network administrators can reconfigure WLAN client settings and create a custom installation image for easy deployment of clients to WLAN users.

No unique client certificates required
EAP-TTLS eliminates the administrative burden of having all client devices share the same certificate as the RADIUS server. All Intermec devices with the 802.1x supplicant come with the Intermec Security Certificate installed and a unique certificate for the server.

Superior Roaming Performance
Fast roaming is accomplished on the MobileLAN infrastructure through Intermec Secure Context Roaming. This process keeps track of the duration of authentication leases, eliminating the need to re-authenticate with the RADIUS server when devices roam between access points. This enables fast roaming and makes it easy for lightweight, thin-client devices to deliver excellent performance with 802.1x enabled.

Physical Description
Odyssey is an end-to-end solution for your wireless LAN based on the IEEE security standard, 802.1x.

Odyssey Server
Supports the following authentication methods:

  • EAP-TTLS (with any of the following tunneled methods: PAP,MS-CHAP,MS-CHAP-V2)
  • EAP-Cisco Wireless (LEAP)

System Requirements:
Requires WindowsXP or Windows 2000 (SP2 or higher). Works with 802.1x-capable access points from various manufactures.

Odyssey Client
Supports the following authentication methods:

  • EAP-TTLS (with any tunneled methods: PAP,CHAP,MS-CHAP,MS-CHAP-V2, EAP-MD5Challenge,EAP-TokenCard)
  • EAP-MD5Challenge
  • EAP-TokenCard

System Requirements:
Requires Windows XP, 2000,98,or ME. Works with 802.1x-capable wireless adapters from various manufactures.


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