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MC959B FlexWAN Mobile Computer
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Motorola MC959B FlexWAN Mobile Computer

A new level of carrier independence, device flexibility and return on investment (ROI)

The issue: the network-proprietary device
Every day, your mobile workforce depends on a realtime connection to business data to get the job done. Typically, companies are forced to select the GSM or CDMA network and purchase a device that is tied to that network for the entire life of the device.

But one network usually can’t meet the coverage needs of all your workers — regardless of whether they are all in a single city or spread out across the country. Certain carriers may provide better coverage in some parts of a country. And even in a single business territory, such as a city and its surrounding metropolitan area, one carrier may provide better coverage inside the city limits, while a different carrier may provide better coverage in some of the outlying, more remote suburbs. As a result, standardizing on one carrier may leave part of your mobile workforce with less-than-desirable coverage. And if the quality and availability of your worker’s connection to your business data is impacted, lack of access to business applications and the data required to complete tasks can reduce worker productivity and customer service levels.

One solution could be to purchase dedicated devices for both GSM and CDMA networks and deploy based on which network best serves each worker. But that requires the purchase of different mobile devices for each network, increasing the capital and operational costs associated with purchasing and managing your mobile devices.

The solution: true carrier independence — user-selectable dual 3.5G cellular radios
Motorola’s MC959B is designed to address these issues by providing a single model with software configurable integrated 3.5G GSM HSPA and CDMA EVDO Rev A modems. Now you have the flexibility to activate on one or both networks in minutes, providing each and every individual worker with constant coverage throughout the business day. Network activation is so simple, it can be handled by users as well as IT. And if you need to switch networks to meet the needs of another worker in a different area, no problem.

With the press of a few buttons, you can activate
or re-activate the MC959B on:

  • Any one data connection — either the 3.5G GSM or CDMA EVDO Rev A networks
  • Multiple data connections — four possible cellular network connections allow you to activate on multiple networks:
    –– GSM and CDMA
    –– two GSM networks
    –– two CDMA networks

Note that each network requires its own data plan and the device can operate on only one network at a time.

Managing multiple network connections
While only one network can be active at any one time, if multiple networks are required to provide always-on connectivity, multiple options are available to simplify the management of those connections:

  • Users can simply switch networks on demand with the press of a few buttons
  • Your application development team or your Motorola partner can program the device to dynamically switch networks based on rules that you define.

For example:
–– The integrated GPS could identify when users travel into an area better served by the alternate network and automatically switch the connection to the other carrier.
–– If there is no service available for a predefined period of time, the device can automatically switch to the alternate carrier.

The ultimate in WWAN flexibility
The modular architecture of the MC959B provides additional flexibility, allowing you to adapt the device to meet the needs of practically any field worker. In addition to being able to provide an active data connection on multiple cellular networks of your choice, the MC959B can also be converted from a data-only device to provide mobile voice and data services. Simply purchase and install either our dedicated 3.5G GSM HSDPA or 3.5G CDMA EVDO Rev A WAN modules with just a few minutes of effort, right in your backroom.* The end result? No matter what your workers need today or tomorrow, the modular Motorola MC9500 Series flexible WWAN products can deliver.

(*Note: the integrated voice and data modules can only be activated on a single network — 3.5 GSM HSDPA or 3.5G CDMA EVDO Rev A.)

Easy to provision
Integrated support for the world’s major carriers heavily automates provisioning, allowing enterprises to choose whether IT or users activate devices on the cellular network.

On the GSM network, the simple process consists of merely inserting the SIM card, selecting the GSM carrier (either AT&T or Generic UMTS for all other GSM networks) and setting up the data connection via the standard Microsoft connection manager.

Activation on the CDMA network is just as easy. Simply select the CDMA carrier (Verizon or Sprint). When switch is complete, just launch the activation wizard to complete device activation.

Motorola MC959B Benefits

The benefits of Motorola’s user-selectable dual WWAN technology flow throughout the enterprise to touch mobile workers, purchasing and IT personnel as well as the company’s capital and operational budget:

Protects worker productivity, response times and customer service levels
The ability to choose one or more networks ensures that you can provide all your users with a constant and dependable data link throughout the day. This feature is ideal for enterprises with:

Multi-city operations

  • Large territories that may span many miles with areas that are better served by different carriers — for example, district sales managers or utility technicians

Improves return on asset (ROA), return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO)
The MC959B offers the flexibility required to serve your business every minute of its lifecycle. This single device pool offers the superior adaptability required to meet virtually any user need. In addition to the ability to deploy and re-deploy on any network, the data-only device can be modified to provide voice and data services on virtually any 3.5 GSM or CDMA cellular network.

Reduces administrative costs in the purchasing department
Purchasing no longer needs to buy different devices that operate on different networks to serve users in other areas. The ability to standardize on one SKU for the entire company greatly simplifies the buying process.

Reduces IT time and cost
While IT can elect to provision the devices, the ability to enable users to provision devices on the networks can dramatically reduce the IT time and cost associated with staging the device. In addition, IT no longer needs to spend time swapping devices for employees that move to areas better served by different networks. And the ability to standardize on one model greatly simplifies the technology architecture of the enterprise mobility solution — IT personnel need only be familiar with one device, instead of many.

Reduces device, accessory and application costs
The ability to support worldwide deployments with one device ensures application compatibility, protecting and improving the ROI for application development investments. In addition, when enterprises purchase different devices to operate on different networks, they must also purchase the device-specific accessories. With just one global device, enterprises can purchase a single accessory pool that can serve all users, anywhere in the world.

Provides the freedom to negotiate the best carrier pricing
When enterprises have the flexibility to choose multiple carriers, purchasing agents have the negotiating power required to help minimize cellular costs.

Reduces cellular communication costs
Eliminate roaming fees by activating devices on multiple networks, helping to reduce and contain cellular fees.


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