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LS 4000, LS 4004, LS 4005
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Symbol Technologies Symbol LS 4000, Symbol LS 4004, Symbol LS 4005
Outstanding Performance, Ergonomics, and Value

Innovation and Comfort in Retail and Commercial Scanning

Symbol's LS 4000 Barcode Laser Scanner Series is the benchmark for quality and performance in hand-held laser scanners. Symbol's in-depth capabilities for innovation, design and advanced technology set the Symbol LS 4000 barcode laser scanner series apart from anything else on the market.

Adaptic Logic - for superior scanning performance on poor-quality barcodes and extended working range on all barcodes from contact to 45" (114cm)

Unique Two-Trigger Ergonomics - for the best possible user comfort and reduces index finger fatigue

Flash memory - for retaining system and applications software, and easy updating in the field

Mylar Scan Element - with Symbol's exclusive limited lifetime warranty, for ultimate reliability and years of trouble-free operation

Synapse "Smart Cable" Interface - for easy connectivity to virtually any type of host simply by changing a cable

Advanced Data Formatting - for easy modification of scanned data before sending it to the host computer

With all these features and more, the Symbol LS 4000 Barcode Laser Scanner Series is continuously setting industry standards for hand-held scanner excellence - for applications from the sales floor and front office, to the warehouse and backroom.

Accessories for Enhanced Convenience
Symbol's IntelliStand gives the LS 4000 scanner series the flexibility of hands-free or hand-held operation. The IntelliStand is ideal for food, drug and general merchandise point-of-purchase duty. Also available is the Multi-Mount Holder for safe and convenient placement of the LS 4000 on a counter or a wall.

IntelliStand Counter Holder Wall Holder

Cordless Model Gives You Room to Move
A cordless version, the Symbol LS 4071 gives workers the added mobility and flexibility of barcode scanning without cable restrictions. It's ideal for scanning items that are too heavy or bulky to place on the checkstand.

Using low-power radio frequency transmission, the Symbol LS 4071 operates up to 10 feet/ 3 meters from its recharging cradle/base station, which communicates with your host computer through Synapse cables or direct connection.


Symbol LS 4071 Cordless Model



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