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LRT 3800 Laser Radio Terminal
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Symbol Technologies Symbol LRT 3800 Laser Radio Terminal

Combines Three Important Data Acquisition Technologies In One Lightweight, All-Purpose Tool

Symbol LRT 3800 Features

  • Scanning, decoding, keyed data entry, and radio communications in one self-contained, compact, lightweight unit
  • Advanced Spectrum One radio frequency network, capable of sub-second performance, with hundreds of terminals in a cellular configuration
  • Proven visible laser diode scanning technology
  • Powerful 16-bit DOS architecture system
  • Long battery life sustains work beyond an eight-hour shift of scan-intensive operation
  • No FCC site approval required to operate
  • Rugged construction, environmentally sealed, withstands four-foot drop to concrete
  • Up to 640KB of RAM memory
  • Eight-line by 20-character, Supertwist LCD backlit display
  • Optically coupled batch data communications via Charging and Communications Module

Symbol LRT 3800 Benefits

  • Single-handed solution improves productivity and accuracy, particularly in scan-intensive applications
  • Integrated functionality, resulting in cost-effective solution to many key applications
  • High-performance RF communications transfer data from a host computer directly to the operator, quickly and accurately
  • Ease of programming, portability of application software
  • Faster, less expensive, easier network installation
  • Reduced fatigue over long periods of scanning

The LRT 3800 product line responds to the still-evolving demands of portable data entry in a wide range of environments requiring lightweight, portable, high-performance barcode reading and on-line host access. The compact, functionality-packed LRT 3800 can improve current information collection processes, and can be used to develop new data capture applications.

In the retail market, where Quick Response means rapid delivery, reduced inventory, and improved customer satisfaction. The LRT 3800 is ideally suited for scan-intensive applications such as receiving, physical inventory, merchandise ordering, shelf-price verifications and price changes. Through the high-performance RF link, terminals may be quickly reconfigured for different applications requiring instant access to different host databases. In addition, labor productivity is maximized by the combination scanner/terminal design which leaves the user with one hand free to manipulate hang tags, items on a shelf or boxes on a floor.

The LRT 3800 can improve efficiency and reduce cost in rugged industrial environments, including manufacturing floor, warehouses, transportation yards and airports.

Physical and Environmental Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 7" L x 3.3" W x 8.4" L ( 18.1 cm L x 8.4 cm W x 21.4 cm L)
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs. (.65 kg)
  • Operating Temperature: -9 to 104 (-23 to 40 C)
  • Storage Temperature: -9 to 140 (-23 to 60 C)
  • Humidity: 95% relative humidity, noncondensing
  • Drop: unit functions normally after 4' (1.2 m) drop to concrete
  • ESD: 15 kV electrostatic discharge to all surfaces without loss of data
  • Keyboard, standard: 35 or 46 large, hard, alphanumeric keys
  • Keyboard, IBM: 3800/384X: 46 key, IBM 5250 or 3270 keypads and overlays
  • Display: 8-line by 20-character LCD, back light, reverse video, double-high and double-wide characters
  • Power: removable, rechargeable NiCad pack
  • Intrinsically Safe: Class 1, Division 1, Group A, B, C, D


  • CPU: 80C88 type @ 8 MHz
  • Operating System: DOS
  • ROM: 128 KB EPROM (DOS, BIOS, Terminal Diagnostics)
  • RAM: 640 KB
  • Non-Volatile Memory: 3800/3805: 256 KB Standard; 384X: additional 1 MB Optional
  • Application Development: Symbol Series 3000 Application Development Kit

Peripherals and Accessories

  • Cradles: Single slot and four-slot cradles available
  • Printers: Supports extensive line of Symbol approved printers, cables, and accessories
  • 4-Slot Battery Charger: recharges multiple 3800/3805/384X batteries
  • Battery Adapter: used with Universal Battery Charger

RF Communications

  • LDT 3800: Spectrum One
  • LDT 384X: Spectrum24

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