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LinkGem portable tablets
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Topaz LinkGemComplete Wireless Electronic Signature Solution

Complete wireless electronic signature solution
Topaz LinkGem tablets feature all the benefits of Topaz electronic signatures plus the additional feature of wireless capability. Topaz LinkGem is available as a handheld portable tablet or pneumatic canister for drive-up teller applications. This System is Patent-Pending and includes a drive-off alert system.

All Topaz products come bundled with powerful software tools and support for the capture, encryption and storage of electronic signatures.

Secure 2.4GHz FHSS wireless communication system
77 separate channels allow multi-system operation

Large, rugged signature surface
4.6" x 1.0" active area

PenGem active electromagnetic pen
Over 30 million tip activation cycles

Patent-pending Proximity Alert
Alarm sounds on tablet and base when tablet is out-of-range

E-Sign law-compliant biometric signatures and software
Encryption, compression, and authentication for eCommerce


  • Walkup or driveup teller

  • Drive-up pharmacy window

  • ID verification for high-security applications

The Topaz Model LinkGem T-RFS261-P1B is a rugged and complete wireless signature capture system for anywhere that the benefits of eSignatures are needed. Topaz LinkGem wireless tablets allow businesses to replace paper-based document transaction or identity verification with secure and legally-binding electronic signature applications. The frequency-hopping spread-spectrum 2.4GHz wireless transceiver used by Topaz LinkGem tablets allows for extreme portability in a wide variety of eSignature application environments. For example, the wireless design can be used for ID verification through a bulletproof partition in a law-enforcement or correctional facility where running a data cable is not a viable option. The unit is also useful at drive-up teller windows in banks or pharmacies where it can be passed easily from the teller to the customer and back again. The design of the active Topaz PenGem pen allows the sensor to be mounted inside the rugged tablet housing, meaning that the signing surface will never wear out, even after millions of signatures. The Topaz PenGem itself is rated at over 30 million tip activations, but should the need arise, batteries and plastic pen tips can be easily replaced without any disassembly required. The convenient design of the tablet features pen storage, proximity alert, remote activation, and power-saving standby mode. The base unit can be hot-plugged into the computer and need not be connected during the boot process. Tablet MTBF is 1 million hours and the pen batteries offer a lifetime of 250,000 signatures. Topaz SigPlus ActiveX Java, shared C library and applications software allow for signature capture, encryption, and image-file creation. Receiver base adapters are available with standard RS232 (serial) or USB interfaces.

Topaz LinkGemComplete Wireless Electronic Signature Solution Specifications

Parameter Specs Remarks
Transmit distance 500ft min (line-of-sight) Environment dependent
Battery life 70hrs max (standby)
390 minutes max (capture mode)
Signature resolution 410 points/inch  
Pen life More than 30 million tip activation cycles  
Software ActiveX control, Java bean, biometric verification, encryption, database-compatible ASCII, Wintab Compatible with Win98, Me. NT, 2000, XP; MS Word, Excel; Lotus Notes, Domino; Adobe Acrobat; VB, VC++, Delphi, ASP, EMF
Power +7.2 Vdc, 175mA max 2 Everready ER-P730 NiMH battery packs (included)
MTBF More than 100,000 hours  
Maximum ratings Operating: 0 to 50C
Storage temp: -20 to 65C
Humidity %: 10 to 90
Non condensing

Model T-RFS261-P1B
Portable RF signature-capture tablet

Matching RF base unit (required)

Specifications subject to change without notice.


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