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LGP-1125 and LPG-5125
No Longer Available








This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.



Opticon LGP 1125 and Opticon LGP 5125 Series w/ traditional styling

Features & Benefits

  • One step installation
  • Functions like a Wedge scanner; keyboard emulation
  • Eliminates need for a "Y" cable or special connectors
  • Install without powering down your PC
  • Multiple scanners can be used on the same PC
  • Needs no external power supply, perfect for laptop use

Most new PCs and Macs incorporate a new industry standard called a Universal Serial Bus (USB) which allows the user to connect a variety of computer peripheral devices. The USB scanner plugs directly into the PC’s USB port. It operates like a traditional keyboard wedge scanner emulating data input from the keyboard, but there is no need for special connectors, "Y" cables or external power supplies.

Easy to Install
Just plug the scanner into the PC’s USB port and it is ready to scan.

  • Plug and Play installation. Just plug it in. The PC recognizes the scanner and automatically activates the appropriate software driver.
  • "Hot swapping" - the scanner can be installed or removed without turning off the power to the PC.
  • The USB port can support up to 127 computer peripherals.

One Scanner Configuration
The LGP Series scanner incorporates the new connectivity standard into an aggressive, rugged handheld CCD scanner resulting in the ideal scanner for PC connectivity. One scanner works with any manufacturer’s PC. No need to hunt for a specific cable or connector.

Rugged Performance
Best of all is the scanner’s performance. Its high speed, and superior resolution make it ideal for reading bar codes even in direct sunlight or other strong lighting conditions.

Easy to Customize
The scanner is easily programmable allowing simple customization to match your specific operational and data needs.

Photo Detector 2048 element CCD array
Scan Speed 200 scans/sec.
Light Source Visible LED (l = 660 nm)
Depth of Field 2.3" Window 3.2" Window
(UPC 15 mil) 56 mm (0 to 2.2") 45 mm (0 to 1.8")
Field Width 2.3"or 3.2"
Min. Element Width .004" (4 mil)

Voltage 5 VDC 10% USB standard
I DC 70 mA (typical)

Operating 0 to +41 C (+32 to +105 F)
Storage -26 to +60 C (-15 to +140 F)
Humidity (non-condensing)
Operating up to 80% RH
Storage up to 90% RH

Case Material ABS Plastic


Additional Information

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Manufacturer Opticon
Standard Memory N/A
Flash Memory N/A
Screen Resolution N/A
Display Color N/A
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Data Collection Type N/A
Product Color N/A
Resolution N/A
Max Print Width N/A
Max Roll Diameter N/A
Max Label Width N/A
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