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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.



Posiflex JIVA 8000 Touch Terminals  

The new Posiflex JIVA 8000 series is an Intel-based all-in-one touch terminal designed for hospitality, retail and vertical markets that require increased performance at the front-end workstation. With a unique space saving design, the base stand also houses an optional internal UPS battery and a primary IDE HDD for easy servicing. The Posiflex JIVA 8000 includes a 15" high luminance TFT active matrix LCD panel to meet any application requirement.

Posiflex Features  

The new Posiflex JIVA 8015 houses the latest technology and security features the industry has to offer:

  • 15.1" LCD panel - TFT active matrix with a dual backlit tube.
  • Touch interfaces include: ELO Accutouch (resistive) or Infrared type to accommodate a broad range of applications
  • Integrated UPS functionality protects the system from intermittent power failures (battery optional)
  • A patented finger release lever "geared locking mechanism" easily adjusts the LCD angle's tilt angle from 17.5 to 87.5
  • Security lock prevents unauthorized access to input / output data devices
  • Spill proof water-resistant structure protects circuitry and allows for easy cleaning

Options include:

  • Integrated MSR with U.are.U Fingerprint reader or Authentec Fingerprint sensor (2-in-1 attachment)
  • Integrated MSR, Fingerprint Sensor and 40-Dynakey programmable keyboard (3-in-1) attachment
  • Integrated customer display module

Posiflex Specifications  

LCD Resolution

350 nit/m2

Audio Output

Mic Input

LCD Panel
15.1" TFT

Celeron 2.0 GHz

Display Memory
Memory size programmable up to 64MB

DIMM Memory
DDR PC2100 SDRAM 266MHz x 2 DIMM (184 pin) up to 2GB

Serial Port
4 ports with 5V DC support

Parallel Port

CR Port
1 port controls 2 devices (under COM1)

USB Port

KB Port
1xPS/2 type

Mouse Port
1 x PS/2 type

LAN Port
10/100 MHz base Ethernet

40 GB up

Option for USB interface

Compact Flash Port

Internal UPS
Yes (battery optional)

ON/OFF Control
Software controlled for Mechanical ON/OFF or Mechanical ON/Software OFF

Touch Sensor
Elo AccuTouch (resistive) or Anti-scratch IR type

Tilt Adjustment
From 17.5 to 87.5

Power Wake Up
Through alarm/LAN/RS232 modem

Mounting Option
Table top

Power Settings
Standby mode

Touch Control Function
Emulate mouse left/right button (for WINDOW only), double click and drag & drop

Touch Beep Controls
Sound pitch adjustment, sound enable/disable by software

Power Supply
Input 100-240V, output 12V/150W AC adaptor

Housing Color

Storage Condition
20 to +60C; 10% RH - 80% RH; non condensing maximum wet bulb 28.9C

Operation Condition
0 to +40C; 20% RH to 80% RH; non condensing maximum wet bulb 26C

378mm W x 270mm D x 301 to 378mm H
14.8" W x 10.6" D x 11.9" - 14.8"

OS Support
Win 2000/ XP Professional

10.2kg (22.5lbs)

Safety Certifications

UL/VDE/T mark

FCC, CE (meet IEC 1000-4-2 class A)

Option I Attachment

2-in-1 module includes: MSR and Authentec finger print sensor/button reader

MSR in USB Interface
ISO 7811 option 2 tracks (1&2 or 2&3), 3 tracks (1,2&3 with software programmable parameter) or JIS II

Finger Print Sensor USB Interface (U.areU / Authentec) Option II Attachment

Detection Area

Detection Matrix
96*96 pixels

OS Support
WIN NT/2000/XP

3-in-1 mini footprint design security keyboard, integrated with MSR finger print print sensor and 40 keys (24 programmable keys and ten-key configuration) attachment

Total Keys
40 keys

Predefined Keys
0-9, +, -; total 16 keys

OS Support
Programmable driver for WIN2000/XP

Code Programmable
ASCII or SCAN code include all control code

Programmable Capacity
1 to 255 characters per key

Power Source
5V/200 mA max. From the PS/2 KB port

Data Memory
100 years data retention

MSR in USB Interface
ISO 7811 option 2 tracks (1&2 or 2&3), 3 tracks (1,2&3 with software programmable parameter) or JIS II

Finger Print Sensor USB Interface (Authentec) Option III Attachment

Detection Area

Detection Matrix
96*96 pixels

OS Support

2 by 20 LCD with yellow green back light customer display mounted on top back side

Part # Description
21004256201 256MB DDR memory for JIVA 5000 & 8000 Series
TP8015R4NOS-AT JIVA 8000, 15" touch, Cel 2.0 256MB, w/o OS, AccuTouch
TP8015R4W2K-AT JIVA 8000, Accutouch, Cel 2.0 256MB RAM, W2K
TP8015R4W2K-IR JIVA 8000, 15" IR Touch, Cel 2.0G, 256MB, Win2K
TP8015R4WXP-AT JIVA 8000, 15" touch, Cel 2.0 40G HDD, 256MB, WinXPro
TP8015R8WXP-AT JIVA 8000, 15" Accutouch, Cel 2.0, 512MB, XP Pro, 40G HDD

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