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iPOS TC Credit and Debit Card
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Symbol iPOS TC
Advanced Customer Service at Retail Point-of-Sale

The Symbol iPOS TC transaction system from Symbol Technologies is a revolutionary point-of-sale device that delivers a new level of service for retail customers. Give your customers the flexibility to use credit or debit cards, display itemized purchases, in-store specials and discounts, as well as other customer-centric information. Integrated payment processing features include electronic signature capture, a Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) and a virtual PIN-pad. The Symbol iPOS TC was originally developed by @pos, which was acquired by Symbol in 2002.

Maximum Flexibility For Your Operations

Your development team enjoys true operating system independence with this Java-based color payment terminal. Symbol iPOS TC can easily be integrated into major host systems with a variety of applications. The result: outstanding flexibility for all types of retail POS systems.

High-Performance and Reduced Costs

Robust security features help you reduce fraud and charge back costs associated with transaction payments. Sales are increased with the ability to connect to a remote server, which supports the display of special offers, discounts and other in-store promotions. Powerful processor and high speed connectivity improves throughput, so screens for payment card swipes, scrolling line item displays, and completed transactions appear quickly. The combination of superior technology and features in the Symbol iPOS TC results in an ideal point-of-sale system for both customer and retailer.

Symbol iPOS TC Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Signature capture and virtual PIN pad (personal identification number) Provides multiple payment options including credit and debit
Patented pressure-sensitive screen Low maintenance and high uptime performance; eliminates replacement and repair costs for pens
Complete and easy to use iPOS software development toolkit Seamless integration with major PC or POS platforms
Dual channel technology: IP connectivity via PCMCIA Type II card or onboard Ethernet Provides simultaneous payment transaction processing and IP-based marketing applications, such as advertisements and promotions
Large and vibrant color backlit display Easy to see in dim or well-lit areas; durability to withstand everyday all-day use
High-performance processor Delivers the speed and performance required to support multimedia applications and multiple windows
Built-in 3-track magnetic stripe reader (MSR) Ability to read a variety of magnetic stripe cards including credit and debit
AUX RS-232 port Flexibility to connect peripherals, such as check readers, scanners, printers and more
Optional iPOS TC software suite based on OPOS and JPOS standards; C/C++, Java or Visual Basic programming languages The tools you need for fast and easy development of applications
Optional Smart Card Interface (EMV Level 1 Certified) Smart card read and write capabilities

Symbol iPOS TC Specification Highlights

Physical Characteristics:
Dimensions: 9.0 in. L x 7.25 in. W x 2.88 in. H/
230 mm L x 180 mm W x 70 mm H
Weight: 2 lb 6 oz/1.077 kg
Display: High contrast, color backlit LCD
LCD Size: 4.5 in. L x 3.5 in. W; 5.7 in. diagonal/114.3 mm L x
88.9 mm W; 144.8 mm diagonal
LCD Resolution: Color 1/4 VGA, 320 L x 240 W
Touch Pad: Resistive, transparent, pressure sensitive technology
Touch Pad Resolution: 1024 x 1024 x, y coordinates; 207 Hori. x 286 Ver. dpi
Network Connectivity: PCMCIA Type II adapter; onboard 10-Base T Ethernet
Power Requirements: Regulated 12V DC, 1A rating
Power Source: 12V DC regulated, Domestic 120V AC input;
12V DC regulated from ECR; 12V DC, 1A rating Universal Power Adapter
Terminal Interface: Auto detect and auto selection of RS-232 or RS-485; one RS-232 port; one RS-485 (supports IBM Tailgate protocol); one self-powered USB slave port (supports 3 endpoints); one aux port for RS-232 pass through
Performance  Characteristics:
Memory: ROM: 8MB Flash Memory (expandable up to 32MB)
Magnetic Stripe Reader: Bi-directional 3 track reader
Security: Triple DES or DES PIN Encryption with Master/Session or DUKPT for key management
Firmware: Real time operating system: RTOS environment
and PersonalJava Virtual Machine
Transaction applications: posPortal
Peripherals and Accessories
@pos TC Software Suite (Optional): posBuilder, posVisual, IBM 4690 SDK
Operating systems supported
-DOS, Windows 98/2000 and NT 3.51 or higher
- IBM 4680/4690
Formats supported
- BMP and JPG for graphics
- SIG, CMP and VBC for signature
Object tools
- Support for VBX, ActiveX, OPOS and JPOS
Smart Card Interface (Optional): ISO 7816 1, 2, 3, 4 synchronous and T=0, T=1 asynchronous cards; EMV level 1 certified
Electrical Safety: CE, UL

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