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ID TECH Insert Reader OEM Module for Magnetic Stripe and Smart Cards

Reads magnetic stripes.
ID TECH’s Insert Reader for OEM applications manually reads and decodes up to three tracks of information. It reliably reads media conforming to ISO 7810 and 7811 standards. TTL-level "data" and "clock" signals are output for each track.

Provides reliable, low-cost service.
The reader’s chassis is molded from a glass and lubricant-filled engineering plastic that supports the magnetic head, as well as a PCB with a landing-style smart card connector. The magnetic head is spring-loaded for good contact with warped or bowed cards. The smart card connector has gold-plated contacts that "land" on the ICC’s contacts and create a .02 inch "wiping" action to ensure a dependable connection.

Reads smart cards.
The Insert Reader can also (or instead) be configured to read Integrated Circuit Cards (ICC or "smart" cards) conforming to ISO 7816 and/or EMV standards. A "card seated" switch signals when the card has been inserted into the unit and full connection has been made with the ICC contacts.

Performs quickly and reliably.
The reader module has an exceptionally small footprint, as well as three threaded inserts for secure mounting in any position. A separate molded bezel attaches to the reader’s chassis to guide the card, and can serve as a mount for an optional tri-colored LED indicator. The reader has an open internal design that allows foreign matter entering through the bezel to fall away and not clog or otherwise obstruct the card path.


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