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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Intermec Software - RF Network Management - INCAVIEW


INCAView for HP OpenView for Windows is now available. This software allows customers to use industry standard tools to manage Intermec Enterprise wireless networks. As a Hewlett Packard (HP) OpenView solutions partner, Intermec utilizes HP OpenView to provide the most advanced wireless network management solution in the Enterprise Data Collection industry. Built on the network industry’s leading network management platform, the INCAView application has unparalleled functionality. It leverages Intermec’s leadership in managing wireless LAN networks.

Product Overview

INCAView for Windows supports the following Intermec products:

  • 2100 Universal Access Point
  • 6710 Access Point
  • 6910 Integrated Gateway Access Point (IGAP)
  • 6910 Telnet Gateway Access Point (TGAP)
  • RC4030E Gateway
  • 6950 Enterprise Gateway Server (EGS)

And terminal devices connected to the above access points and gateways

  • 2.4 GHz OpenAir radio
  • IEEE 802.11 Direct Sequence radio
  • Falcon 902 MHz radio
  • Synthesized UHF radio

Industry Standard Platform
The HP OpenView family of products provides the richest portfolio of Information (IT) management solutions in the industry. The HP OpenView platform enables a sweeping and growing repertoire of tools to meet diverse integrated network and system management needs of the Enterprise wireless network.

HP OpenView Top Level View
HP OpenView for Windows menu bar and top level map showing the integration of the INCA network icon and the INCAView pull-down menu.

Network availability is a major business need, and the key to success is through efficient management tools robust enough to meet the needs of the particular wireless and IT environment.

INCAView LAN Topology Map
This shows the wired and wireless links as well as INCA/IP tunnels between 2100 universal access points. Wired links are represented as thin, solid horizontal lines. Wireless links are represented as vertical dotted or dashed lines. INCA/IP tunnels are represented as thick, solid vertical lines. This map shows two INCA/IP tunnel links and one wireless link.

HP OpenView for Windows is targeted at the small to medium sized corporate customer. INCAView for HP OpenView for Windows "snaps into" and works with the HP OpenView for Windows product. Hewlett-Packard also offers the HP OpenView management platform, Network Node Manager, for the UNIX environment. Intermec currently offers the OWLView for Network Node Manager product for the UNIX platform, which is supported on HPUX workstations. Note: INCA means Intermec has integrated the latest products (2100 UAP and features, INCA/IP, etc.). OWLView is the earlier version that will be upgraded in the future.

Manages Multiple Intermec Wireless LANs with a Single Application
INCAView, is the most advanced application in the Enterprise wireless industry. It supports single or multiple network maps so customers can manage a single wireless network or multiple networks from a single application.

INCA map displays gateway nodes, such as the RC4030 gateway, and the INCA LANs being managed - designated by LAN ID (example: LAN 114). Each INCA LAN icon can be double clicked to reveal the LAN's topology. This figure shows three INCA LANs and two gateway devices - a 6950A EGS and a RG4030 Gateway.

Local or Remote Management Options
The Enterprise wireless network can be managed from a local or remote management station either over the network or via dial-in logical connection.

Supports Discovery and Autodiscovery
The INCAView application supports discovery and autodiscovery of the wireless network. This means that the fixed end equipment, such as the 2100 UAP and the 6950 / RC4030 gateways, as well as the wireless computers are identified and updated by the INCAView application. INCAView lets the user to create or update a network topology map for the fixed end portion of the wireless network via INCAView discovery. The topology map and status can be continually updated, at regular intervals, through INCAView autodiscovery. INCAView analyzes network information and updates communication paths, whether wired or wireless, between access points and also adds devices to the topology maps. The detected changes in the device status are represented by a change in color of the appropriate icon on the INCAView network map.

Shows Terminal Sessions and Connections
INCAView lets the user view the host sessions associated with the terminals attached to a specific host gateway. Additionally, the user can view the terminals attached to a selected access point to get a comprehensive view of the wireless network.

INCAView lets the user view the host sessions
Terminal map displays the terminals connected to a gateway or access point. In this example, several host/terminal sessions associated with a 6950EGS gateway that is connected to a host named EGSI are displayed. Terminal sessions with connection errors or which have timed-out are displayed in yellow and have associated alarms in the HP OpenView alarm log.

Zoom Feature
INCAView allows the user to zoom on Intermec access points. The graphical interface allows the user to see the current status of the device, current version of the software, and device configuration settings. The 2100 UAP does not have this feature at this time.

Supports Traps and Alarms
For all changes to the status of the devices within the network, the application will form the appropriate HP OpenView alarm messages that can be logged, filtered, and responded to as necessary. Network management personnel can review historical information associated with network activity and utilize industry standard extensions to HP’s OpenView to automate responses to particular events. This includes an access point changing from a wired connection to a wireless connection. The device status will be displayed through the use of the standard OpenView color schemes for the reporting of network node status (Red – Down or configuration changes, Yellow – Warning or new, Green – OK).

Device Configuration Information
The INCAView application lets the user view configuration information for each device. Configuration information consists of hardware configuration, software revision, bridge configuration (includes LAN ID, root designation, root priority, flooding level), port configuration, and system up time. The actual information is device dependent.

INCAView Software Configuration Display

  • Software files resident on the device, their size, date, and individual revision level.
  • INCAView System Configuration Display
  • Display shows the device type and "up" time as well as the user-supplied Name and Location of the device.
  • Supports MIB II and Intermec Enterprise MIB extensions for wireless management.

The INCAView application supports direct connection to the Ethernet backbone, a conventional solution for network administrators managing networks at a local site. Additionally, since SNMP uses the TCP/IP transport protocol suite, INCAView can be used to manage networks connected by a WAN such as X.25 or frame relay infrastructures. Lastly, if the administrator is not on site or does not have WAN connection, he/she can use remote access solutions such as Shiva’s NetModem/E to dial into the network.

New Features in INCAView for Windows

  • 2100 Universal Access Point (UAP) support
  • Intermec Network Communications Architecture (INCA) support
  • INCA/IP (IP tunneling between compatible network components) support
  • IEEE 802.11DS (direct sequence) radio support
  • Link description in HP OpenView Describe dialog
  • New icons for INCA devices
  • Updated MIBs – including 2100 UAP MIB

System Requirements:

INCAView for HP OpenView for Windows

  • Pentium 90 PC-compatible computer
  • 32 MB RAM
  • VGA color monitor (SVGA recommended)
  • 540 KB of free conventional memory
  • 20 MB free disk space
  • Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.5 or greater
  • HP OpenView for Windows version 7.2 C.02.14 or greater



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