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This product is no longer available.

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Microscan IB-105 interface box  

The Microscan IB-105 (interface box), available in five options, is a junction that provides connectivity between the Microscan MS-710 scanner, the host or LAN, power input, and trigger devices.

The box has an internal relay contact (1 watt), a new master pin button to allow input of master label data, a default switch, a power switch, and a mode switch to toggle between RS232 and RS422 or 485 (depending on option).

General Specifications


Length  4.5" (114.3mm)

Width  3" (76.2mm)

Height  1.5" (38.1mm)

Communications  RS232, RS422, RS485


Operating temperature  0 to 50C

Humidity  90% @ 40C maximum


Supply voltage input  Regulated +5 VDC @ 20mA

Maximum ripple  200mV p-p with MS-710 +5 VDC @ 500mA


Option -01
Use this option to communicate to the host via RS232 (w/ RTS/CTS or Aux) or RS485.
With Option -01, switch IN, the scanner must be set up for Multidrop communications. Also, pin 4 of the RS232 host connector is not available.

  • Switch OUT: when the Mode switch is OUT, the host port can be used either for RS232 with RTS/CTS to the host (Figure A) or for communicating with an auxiliary terminal and the host without RTS/CTS.

  • Switch IN: when the Mode switch is IN, RS232 is converted to RS485 levels which are present at both the RS422/485 LAN connector and the 25pin "RS232" connector.

Option -02
Use this option to communicate to the host via RS232 (w/ RTS/CTS or Aux) or RS422.

  • Switch OUT: same as Switch OUT of Option -01

  • Switch IN: when the Mode switch is IN, RS232 signals (TXD, RXD) are converted to RS422 levels which are present at both the RS422/485 (LAN) connector and the 25pin "RS232" connector.

Option -03
This option allows a standard RS232 cable to connect pins 2 and 3 to the auxiliary port while host communication is handled by RS422 through the RS422/RS485 port.
With Option -03, the mode switch must be IN for proper operation.

Option -04
This option is designed to work with a special MS-710 scanner that has an internal RS422 chip in place of the standard RS232 chip. The IB-105 converts RS422/485 signals to RS232 for communications to the RS232 for communications to the host. Pins 2 and 3 are the only host (RS232) port pins that are active in this configuration.

Option -05
This is a special option to convert RS422 signals to RS232. It is typically used in long distance (up to 4000 ft) communications in conjunction with another IB-105. The first IB-105 (an -02 option) converts the scanner signals to RS422: the second IB-105 (an -05 option) converts them back to RS232 for communication with the host.
With Option -05, the mode switch, scanner connector, and trigger connector are not used.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


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