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Express Software Decoder
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


ID TECH ExpressDecoder Series 2800 Software Decoder for Bar Codes

The ID TECH ExpressDecoder and ID Technologies ExpressDecoder95 represent a breakthrough in reading bar code symbols. They interface undecoded bar code scanners directly to a DOS, Windows 3.1, or Windows 95 based PC, using the PC's powerful internal processor for the complex decoding function. This eliminates the external decoding electronics and interconnecting cables, making the ID TECH ExpressDecoders ideal companions for laptop or palmtop applications. magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic

The ID TECH ExpressDecoders take the raw scan data from the scanner and place the decoded message in the keyboard buffer of the PC, where it is available to any application program, requiring no modifications to the application software. The keyboard is still fully functional and can still be used to manually input data or other information. magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic magnetic

Interfacing to the PC is accomplished using either an unused serial or parallel port. This flexibility allows the ID TECH ExpressDecoders to be used with notebook or palmtop PCs that have limited port availability. The ID TECH ExpressDecoder and ExpressDecoder95 are available in two versions. The wand version comes complete with a pen-type wands scanner and requires no external power source. For Laser or CCD readers, a Power Management Module is provided which contains an internal battery for powering the scan mechanisms without drawing power from the computer's internal battery. The Power Management Module will yield up to 150,000 scans from a fresh battery.

  • Palmtop Computers -- ( HP Palmtop only )Sales personnel are notorious for resisting anything that is too large to stuff in their pocket. They readily carry a small palmtop computer as they visit customer sites. By loading a ROM based order entry system in the palmtop and using an ID TECH ExpressDecoder Wand, they can easily scan the bar coded products and enter a customers' order on the spot. At the end of the day, the palmtop is connected to the home office through a telephone link and the order is automatically uploaded.


  • Laser -- The laser beam scanner is a production device. It can scan high density bar codes at close range or lower density ones at some distance. The high scanning rate coupled with the reading performance of the ExpressDecoders allows the laser to read low quality bar code symbols.
  • CCD -- The CCD scanner takes a "picture" of the complete bar code symbol and then scans the captured image electronically before transmitting it to the ID TECH ExpressDecoder or ExpressDecoder95 for processing. The CCD has no moving parts and is ideal for scanning fixed length bar codes, such as the standard UPC symbol.
  • Wand -- The ID TECH ExpressDecoder and ExpressDecoder95 use a specially constructed low-power wand that can interface directly to a standard RS232C serial port. This low cost solution brings economical bar coding to a wide variety of cost sensitive applications.

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