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Datamax W-6208 Options
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Datamax DMX-W-6208™ Bar Code Label Printers
options/print heads/pricing

Datamax Introduces the W-CLASS Bar Code Label Printer Line... For Years of Trouble Free Service!

Available Options:

  • Internal rewind - 8" OD capacity
  • Label present sensor
  • Peel and present assembly
  • 10mil standard duty guillotine media cutter
  • 6mil light duty media cutter
  • Adjustable media tray
  • Lid dampener
  • RS422 Interface kit
  • External keyboard support for the DMX Passport or third party keyboards
  • DMX-100 10/1000 mbps Internal Ethernet adapter
  • Internal Twinax/Coax Interface
  • Font/Flash expansion card featuring 4MB font memory and 4MB addressable flash memory expansion
  • International Language Print capability consisting of the Font/Flash expansion card plus one of the following: CG Triumvirate™ Scalable Bold, Condensed Font and CG-Times Scalable font or; Simplified Chinese GB Scalable font or; Kanji Gothic B Scalable Font

Options Descriptions:

Internal Rewinder: Factory installed. The internal rewinder is a factory-installed option. This option does an excellent job of rewinding a full roll of media, up to an 8" OD roll

Standard Media Cutter: Field installable, ships in a separate box than the printer. The media cutter is an operator or field installable option that is attached to the printer with thumbscrews and a cable. It is not necessary to access the electronics side of the printer to install the cutter. When a label has been cut, the printer retracts the label stock before printing the next label to prevent the loss of top-of-form registration. The cutter is capable of cutting media up to .01" thick, and the cutter life is designed to exceed 500,000 cuts. The cutter operation is initiated by a DPL command. The nominal rated print speed of the printer remains the same, but the overall throughput is reduced due to the cutting and backing-up operations.

Media Cutter Tray: Field installable. The media cutter tray is a field installable option. The tray is self-aligning with respect to the printer and does not require any special tools to install. The tray is capable of stacking a minimum of 2" (51mm) of cut labels with only the use of gravity. The tray collects labels with a minimum length of 2" (51mm) and a maximum label length of 6.25" (159mm)

Light Duty Media Cutter with Catch Tray: Field Installable. The light duty media cutter functions like the standard cutter, however the maximum thickness the cutter is capable of cutting media is limited to .006" thick

Label Present Sensor: Field Installable. When using a present sensor, the printer unwinds label stock from the supply reel, prints the label and automatically presents the label out the mouth of the printer. The label present sensor detects when the label has been removed and the printer then retracts the label stock before printing the next label, preventing loss of top-of-form registration.

Peel and Present Sensor Assembly Plus Internal Rewind: Factory Installed. The peel and present sensor assembly is designed to allow the printer to unwind label stock from the supply reel, print the label, automatically peel the label from its backing, leave the peeled label at the mouth of the printer, and rewind the waste label backing on the optional rewinder assemblies. The optional rewinder must be installed along with the peel and present assembly. The label present sensor detects when the label has been removed and the printer then retracts the label stock before printing the next label.

Internal Ethernet Connectivity: Field Installable. The internal Ethernet Card is a self-powered micro print server that plugs into the electronics expansion slot in the back of the printer. The card is a multi-protocol print server that provides shared network access to the printer for a variety of network protocols and operating systems. The device supports the AppleTalk (Ethertalk), Microsoft LAN Manager, Local Area Transport (LAT), IPX (Netware), and TCP/IP protocols. The print server can queue multiple pending jobs and service those jobs in the order that they are received from the hosts. The print server can auto-negotiate between 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T media connected to its RJ45 port.

Twinax/Coax Connectivity: Field installable. Allows for AS/400 host connectivity. Twinax and Coax connectivity is provided as an internal option currently based on I/O Corp. Interface.

RS422 Connectivity: Field Installable. Allows for serial connection runs up to one mile in length.

Flash/Font Expansion PCB: Field Installable. The Flash/Font expansion features two modules each of 4MB flash memory. The first module supports factory installed ILPC, Kanji, or Simplified Chinese font sets. The second module features 4MB of addressable flash program memory that will support downloadable AGFA scalable fonts, downloadable TrueType fonts, graphics, and label formats.

International Language Print Capability: Field Installable. ILPC consists of font/flash expansion board, plus one of the following font selections: CG-Times (Western European and CG Triumvirate Bold Condensed Scalable Font), Kanji Gothic B Scalable Font, Simplified Chinese GB Scalable Font

I/O Expansion Kit: Field Installable. Upon release, the I/O expansion kit will consist of three options. At its most basic, the I/O expansion option will install into the electronic option cage in the back of the printer and support a real time clock (RTC) and a 9 pin DIN general purpose I/O (GPIO) interface. A second board will support RTC, GPIO and 8MB of addressable flash program memory that will support ILPC fonts, downloadable AGFA scalable fonts, downloadable TrueType fonts, graphics, and a label formats. A third board will include all of the above, plus support for PCMCIA type I and II PC cards.

Part # Description List Price
Call for Discounts!
78-2312-01 3" Media Hub (factory installed only) Specify when ordering Call for $
78-2312-05 1.5" to 3" Media Hub Adapter Kit $CALL
74-2304-01 Lid Dampener $CALL
78-2022-02 8" Internal Rewind (factory installed only) $CALL
78-2333-01 Present Sensor Only $CALL
78-2334-01 Peel and Present Sensor with Internal Rewind (factory installed) $CALL
78-2335-01 Present Sensor/Int. Rewind (factory installed) $CALL
78-2327-01 Light Duty 6mil Cutter including catch tray $CALL
DPO-78-2326-01 Standard Duty 10mil Cutter $CALL
DPO-15-2625-02 Tray for 10mil Cutter $CALL
78-2345-01 Internal Ethernet Interface Kit $CALL
78-2305-01 Twinax Device Connectivity $CALL
78-2305-02 Coax Device Connectivity $CALL
78-2332-01 RS422 Interface Option $CALL
TBA I/O Expansion Board TBA
78-2321-01 Font/Flash Expansion PCB without fonts, includes 4MB addressable flash memory storage $CALL
78-2322-01 ILPC Font Kit- CG Times plus Flash/Font PCB $CALL
78-2323-01 Kanji Font Kit- Includes Flash/Font Expansion PCB $CALL
78-2324-01 Simplified Chinese Font Kit- Includes Flash/Font PCB $CALL

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