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Datamax Intermate
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Datamax Intermate IPDS Client 2005 for Windows
(Emulates IBM4400 Series Printers for AS400)

With the Intermate IPDS Client 2005 you enable Datamax Printers to print IPDS from an IBM Host Server.

The Software installs in minutes, easy to use, and very cost-effective way to facilitate IPDS print.

This information sheet provides you with basic information about IBM Server environments, the IPDS Client 2005 software, and the markets requiring IPDS label print.

Quite often Microsoft OS-environments will not be able to support all of the applications typically required to fulfill Datamax users' needs. In particular, users of Industrial Class Printers (Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Mobile Transfer) often need to print labels from IBM host environments.

If Datamax printing products are perceived by the IBM host based system administrators, programmers, and users are reliable and easy to use, a significant boost will be given to Datamax continuing success in the AIDC market.

The Intermate IPDS Client 2005 software is a tool for integrating Datamax printers into the IBM AFP based label printing applications used in IBM Mainframe (z Series, OS/390, MVS, VM, and VSE) and IBM Midrange (i5, iSeries, AS/400) servers as well as IBM InfoPrint Manager software application environments.

The need for support of IBM IPDS data streams created by AFP exists in a variety of industries. Most of these industries already print labels - very likely from Datamax printers.

Examples of ERP Software Labeling Applications: commercially available ERP software packages from BPCS, HTE, Lawson, MAPICS, Oracle (formerly PeopleSoft / J D Edwards), and SAP R/3 as well as many others.

Datamax Intermate Target Industries  

  • Financial
    For example document labeling requirements for banking, brokerage, financial services, and insurance companies.
  • Government
    All levels of government (local, regional, and national) often use IBM servers for their service provision, reporting, and compliance verification processes. There is often a need for barcode labels.
  • Medical
    For example labels needed by hospitals, outpatient clinics, blood banks, and pharmaceutical suppliers.
  • Manufacturing
    For example manufacturers who need to label component parts or finished goods.
  • Retail
    For example production of shelf labels and product labels
  • Supply Chain
    For example labels for order procurement processing, distribution center and warehouse inventory management, and logistics management.
  • Transportation
    For example labels for government and commercial shipping services as well as labels produced by transportation and logistics management software.

Datamax Intermate Important Q&As  

1. What are the alternatives?

Answer: Non-AFP enabled software applications residing on the IBM Servers. Though these applications work well, there is a productivity benefit to using AFP software tools to create and manage labeling applications in IBM server environments.

2. Where does the Intermate IPDS Client 2005 software get installed?

Answer: The IPDS Client 2005 software is installed on a PC, workstation or server running a Windows 32-bit operating system. The software appears to the IBM server to be an IPDS capable printer.
It receives information via a TCP/IP connection between the IBM Host and the PC where it has been installed.

3. Do I need to install special components in the Datamax printer to be compatible with the Intermate IPDS Client 2005 software?

Answer: Not as a rule. Certain printer models may require more than the default amount of onboard memory to perform at rated speed. This is because some labels contain very large amounts of information.

4. Does Intermate offer a free demonstration capability for the IPDS Client 2005 software product?

Answer: Yes. You can try the software out on an unlimited number of PCs, for an unlimited period of time.

Datamax Intermate Introduction to IBM Server Environments

"Mainframe" class servers, such as the zSeries
These servers are very high performance machines capable of handling huge numbers of transactions in a short time with very high reliability.
Frequently, Industrial Class thermal printers are used with output from the CICS (Customer Information Control System) software environment. Many IBM Mainframe customers may use hundreds or even thousands of Industrial Class thermal printers to support the printing requirements of their IBM Mainframe infrastructure.
To use the IPDS Client 2005 you must have either an appropriate PSF product or VPS / IPDS from Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

"Mid-range" class servers, such as i5, iSeries and As/400
These servers are built to work as integrated turnkey solutions offering customers an extremely good TCO and requiring little in terms of ongoing support and maintenance effort as compared to the typical group of PCs on a LAN. The midrange class of servers is used extensively in customer environments where database access time needs to be extremely quick no matter how great the volume of requests. The IBM Midrange servers are very visible in Supply Chain applications.
To use the IPDS Client 2005 you must have an appropriate PSF product.

InfoPrint Manager Application
For both the AIX Operating System and certain Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (primarily Windows 2003, Windows XP Professional, and Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Server).

The InfoPrint Manager application is typically used by human operators from a console to control time-sensitive print jobs. Label applications passed through InfoPrint Manager can be originally formatted using a different printer language (PCL, PostScript, Xerox Metacode or Vipp) and then converted into AFP format by transform programs associated with InfoPrint Manager.

Some of the transform programs can re-format a label application from sheet fed multi-up format to single labels continuous feed format in order to make it compatible with Industrial Class thermal printers.

Datamax Intermate Specifications

PC Requirements
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 (SP6)

Printer Drivers Supported
Laser and Inkjet printers and MFCs
Thermal transfer and label printers with proprietary print languages
Graphics capable dot matrix printers
PDF, BMP, TIFF, EMF drivers for other graphical output

IPDS Print Platforms
PSF V3.3 for OS/390
PSF 3.4 for z/OS
PSF/400 minimum V3R1, recommended V4R5 or higher
Infoprint Manager for AIX V4.1.0 with PTF U483536
Infoprint Manager for Windows V2.1.0 with PTF UR54088 or higher

Target Printer Options Supported
Multiple input trays and envelope feeders
All paper and label sizes incl. large sizes (such as ledger and A3)
User configurable stepless resolutions in both x and y direction for matching resolutions of special purpose devices such as label printers)

IPDS Capabilities

Resident Fonts and Corresponding Code Pages
IBM 4028 Compatibility Font Set, IBM Core Interchange Scalable Font Set and IBM Coordinated Font Set

Bitmap (raster) and Outline Font Download Support

Font Capturing

Input Resolutions Supported
240dpi, 300dpi, 480dpi, 600dpi and auto resolution scaling

IPDS scalable (IO) and non-scalable (IM) images, vector graphics, overlays, page segments

Bar Codes
1D og2D (PDF 417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix, QR)

OCA color support (8/16 color values)

Multiple input tray

Advanced N-up

Throughput limited only by the performance of the PC.
Speed varies depending on driver, output device and system environment.
Output optimized for the Graphical Device Interface (GDI) system of MS Windows.

Emulated Printers
IBM 43xx Network Printer and InfoPrint series
IBM Infoprint 1000 family
IBM 3812/16, 4028 and later legacy printers

Part # Description
26238 IPDS Client 2005-1, 1 input/output session
26239 IPDS Client 2005-4, 4 independent input/output session
26240 IPDS Client 2005-8, 8 independent input/output session
26241 IPDS Client 2005-16, 16 independent input/output session
26242 IPDS Client 2005-32, 32 independent input/output session
25243 IPDS Client 2005-64, 64 independent input/output session



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