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Datamax E-Class Mark II
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark II Ticket Printers

The Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark II is a small, cost effective thermal printer designed for businesses of all sizes that need a reliable label or tag printing solution for their mission critical operations. The Datamax-O'Neil E-Class' flexible design allows it to fit in a wide variety of applications that require dependability, cost effectiveness, versatility and a small footprint without sacrificing print quality. That is why it is a great fit in the ticketing industries.

Many ticketing operations do not need a high volume printer or have their ticket printing needs spread out. Some need a backup printer just in case their main printer goes down. In either situation, the Datamax-O'Neil E-Class is a low cost investment that solves these problems. Additionally, the Datamax-O'Neil E-Class has options like cutters, thermal transfer, internal Ethernet or WiFi, and emulations that allow it to fit in any ticketing application.

The Datamax-O'Neil E-Class has a proven track record of reliability and cost effectiveness for businesses around the world.

Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark II Highlights and Benefits

The E-Class has many outstanding features that provide a variety of benefits. Below is a brief list of the many features and associated benefits the E-Class printer offers.

  • Small size fits on any countertop and allows more work space.
  • Two colors either grey or white to blend with any application.
  • Advanced print mechanism prints on thick materials.
  • Complete communications available including, serial, parallel, USB, LAN and Wi-Fi for any connectivity need.
  • Adjustable printhead adjusts for a wide variety of ticket widths.
  • Adjustable media sensor detects oddly placed black indexing marks while avoiding text.
  • Field replaceable options can be replaced easily anywhere in very little time

Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark II Options and Accessories

Printer options expand the functionality of the standard product. Options may be factory installed in the printer or ordered separately and installed in the field as an upgrade. The options available for the Datamax-O'Neil E-Class product are described below:
  Adjustable Sensor
The adjustable media sensor option allows the printer to detect the position of the gap, notch, or reflective mark at any location across the ticket. The adjustable media sensor is factory installed.
  Media Cutter
The cutter option provides the automatic cutting of tickets after printing. The cutter option is field installable and attaches easily to the front of the printer.
  High Resolution
The high resolution 300 dpi option allows the printing of high density two dimensional barcodes and extremely small text. The high resolution option must be factory installed.
  Internal Ethernet
The 10/100 Base-T Fast internal Ethernet allows for network connectivity which allows the network printing, sharing, and management of printers. The internal Ethernet option must be factory installed.
The 802.11b/g internal wireless LAN allows for network printing, sharing, going mobile, and management of the printer. The W-Fii option must be factory installed.
  Thermal Transfer
The thermal transfer option includes the ribbon mechanism necessary for thermal transfer printing tickets. The thermal transfer option prints a more crisp clean image for tickets of high value. The option can be either factory installed or installed in the field.
  International Fonts
The resident international fonts option allows for fast and efficient printing in several languages. The international fonts are field loadable or can be factory loaded.
A printer accessory expands the usefulness of the product. Accessories are ordered separately and are not factory installed or included within the printer packaging. The E-Class compatible accessories and their usefulness are described below.
  Stand Alone Battery Pack
The external battery pack accessory powers the printer without the need for an AC receptacle. The battery pack option will allow the printer to operate up to 10 hours on a single charge and is ideal for mobile printing applications.
  Large Roll Media Stand
The External Media Stand allows the printer to use large media supply rolls outside the printer. The external stand holds the media that is fed through an opening in the printer case. This allows for longer operational time before reloading media.
  Ticket/Tag Rewinder
The external rewinder is used for rewinding tickets or tags onto a roll as they are printed. The rewinder is ideally used in applications where ticket batches are pre-printed and then distributed.

Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark II Popular Industry Applications

Because the E-Class is small and cost effective without sacrificing print quality, it is the ideal solution in many industries that have medium to low volume requirements.

Manufacturers use E-Class printers for applications throughout their product lines and storage facilities. Many manufacturers demand high grade, durable labels and tags that normally require a very high-end printer; however the E-Class, a lower cost printer, has the capability to print on the toughest materials including synthetic serial labels, large “work in progress” labels, durable product labels, thick bin tags and shelf marking tags.
-Product Labels
-Work in Progress
-Repairs Tracking
-Agency Labels
-Instructions Labels
More Industrial Manufacturing Application Solutions.
  In-Store Retail
Retail barcoding is more than just scanning an item at checkout. It follows a complete cycle, and starts when the product is received, stocked, displayed, sold, returned, and prepared for resale or return to manufacturer. The small size and versatility of the E-Class make it the ideal solution for generating item labels and shelf tags at every stage of the retail sales process.
-Item Labels
-Shelf Tags
-Specials and Talkers
-Returns Labeling/Tagging
More In-Store Retail Application Solutions.
  Parcel Post/Postal Service & Postage
The parcel and postal industries place continuous demand on their printers for printing primarily direct thermal labels and tags. The E-Class’ small size, optional cutter, and reliability makes it an ideal fit for printing postage labels, tote/tray tags, and bag tags. Because the printer’s firmware can be updated, it adapts easily into barcode technology updates that increase efficiency and accuracy.
-Shipping Labels
-Parcel Routing
-Delivery Management
More Parcel / Post & Postage Application Solutions.
  Transportation & Logistics
The transportation and logistics industries use the E-Class in their distribution centers and warehousing facilities for labeling and tracking shipments. These facilities are exposed to extreme changes in the environment and the label printing capability is essential to the operation. The E-Class is ideal for printing shipping labels continuously, large rack labels, and mobile pick slips in extreme conditions. Plus the small size, networking capability and low cost make it a good choice for redundant printing capabilities. More Transportation & Logistics Application Solutions.
The healthcare industry is rapidly adapting auto-ID technology across many applications. Healthcare providers need printers that can be network shared, remotely managed, and versatile for use in many applications. The E-Class is ideal because it meets all these needs plus it can be easily updated for changes in technology. The E-Class’ small size also makes it a perfect fit for printing patient identification wristbands, laboratory specimen identification labels, records labels, and prescription labels.
-Specimen Tracking
-Records Labeling
-Patient ID Wristbands
-Asset Identification
More Healthcare Application Solutions.

Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark II Ticketing Industry Solutions

  Arts & Entertainment
The E-Class Mark II versatility and ruggedness makes it very popular in the arts and entertainment industries for printing admission tickets to movies, concerts, museums, musicals, carnivals, theme parks, and amusement parks. The E-Class Mark II Top of Form sensor accommodates a wide variety of ticket designs and the all metal design can withstand every day use and harsh environments. More Arts & Entertainment Application Solutions.
  Sporting Events
Sporting events happen in a variety of environments and always require high reliability to print a large number of tickets and speed to deliver them very quickly. The E-Class Mark II is ideal for sporting events because it satisfies these requirements and goes the extra mile with its rugged construction and resilience. More Sporting Events Application Solutions.
  Travel & Leisure
Whether you travel by airplane, train, ship, car or bus, there a need for a boarding pass, passenger ticket, parking slip, or transfer pass. All these travel and leisure documents need a ticket printer that can print on a wide variety of materials and is very easy to load. The E-Class Mark II is a perfect fit for all these applications because it is designed to handle a wide variety of ticketing materials that can be loaded by even the most non-technical operators. More Travel & Leisure Application Solutions.
  Recreation & Gaming
Recreation and gaming activities sometimes require tickets or printing on ticket-like materials. The E-Class Mark II is ideal for the recreation and gaming industries because its versatility allows it to print on non-standard ticket stocks. Some of these materials include synthetic ski lift tickets, lottery and raffle tickets. More Recreation & Gaming Application Solutions.

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