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Datalogic Falcon 340 and Datalogic Falcon 345
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Datalogic Falcon 340 and Datalogic Falcon 345 Portable Data Collection Terminals formerly PSC Falcon 340 and PSC Falcon 345 Portable Data Collection Terminals

Datalogic Falcon 340 and 345 Portable Data Collection Terminals - Solving Data Collection Needs

The Datalogic Falcon340 and Datalogic Falcon345 formerly PSC Falcon340 and PSC Falcon 345 are the latest members of the growing family of feature-rich Falcon Industrial data collection terminals from Datalogic . Engineered for fast, accurate, customizable, real-time automatic data collection to solve the needs of businesses in their quest for greater efficiency, productivity and profitability. The Datalogic Falcon 340 and Datalogic Falcon 345 were designed for easy integration in the supply chain systems of companies involved in logistics, manufacturing, retailing, warehousing and distribution.

Datalogic Falcon 340 Datalogic Falcon 345

A favorite among users
These sleek new portable terminals were ergonomically designed with the end-user in mind. They are the lightest weight unit in their class, only 13oz (365g). Engineered to reduce fatigue, this weight is ideally balanced over the hand using a form-fit rubber-grip handle. Combine this with an integrated scan trigger, a large 16-line backlit display and a complete 38 key alphanumeric keypad and the user enjoys hours of high performance data collection.

No lack of performance here
At the heart of the Datalogic Falcon 340 and Datalogic Falcon 345 portable data terminals is a powerful 32 bit 485 class processor, running at 33MHz, with 8MB of RAM and 2MB of Flash ROM. This flexible architecture also supports an internal PCMCIA Type II PC card for additional memory or wireless LAN connectivity. Because the Datalogic Falcon 340 and Datalogic Falcon 345 use a standard operating system, DOS 6.22, you can run applications previously developed for other Datalogic Falcon terminals and other DOS terminals. You can also use popular PC development tools like PSCs Universal Program Generator (UPG) or RF SDK to create custom applications for your data collection needs.

Batch and wireless models
For both local and remote data collection applications the Datalogic Falcon 340 Batch terminal is an ideal solution. With the docking station, data can be sent to a host using standard RS232 or using phone lines and the docking station with integrated modem option. The Datalogic Falcon 345 sets the standard for flexibility when it comes to wireless communications, providing connectivity for data collection applications where real-time information is critical. The Datalogic Falcon 345 can be configured with any of the leading 2.4GHz spread spectrum wireless LAN solutions including Cisco/Aironet, Lucent, Proxim, and Symbol.

Additional flexibility comes when you can connect the Datalogic Falcon 345 terminals into your existing legacy system. With our PowerNet Twin Client product these new Falcon terminals can support VT100, VT220, HP700/92, IBM 3270 and IBM 5250 terminal emulation, with screen formatter capabilities.

Designed for Rugged Applications
The Datalogic Falcon 340 and Datalogic Falcon 345 were designed from the beginning with your tough industrial environment in mind. The enclosure system is produced using a high-impact resistant polymer and is sealed to an IP54 rating. These allow the new Falcon portable terminals to be used in some of the harshest environments, including wind blown dust and driving rain. And don't worry about those cold warehouse applications, the Falcon 340 and 345 operate over a wide temperature range, from below freezing to 122F (50C).

Linear and 2D Scanner Options
These new Datalogic Falcon terminals can be configured with 3 different integrated scanning options to meet your unique data collection needs. With their most popular scanning solution, the standard range scanner, you can read small 5mil codes up close and 55mil codes up to 45 (114cm) away. Using the long-range scanner option you will be reading 100 mil reflective labels 20 (510cm) away. 2D codes can also now be read using our imaging option. This includes the popular PDF-417, Data Matrix, QR code and Maxi-code.



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