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Cognex Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Cells
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Cognex Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Cells and Modules

Cognex... for every step of the PV Supply Chain
Whether it’s using vision for alignment rather than mechanical mechanisms to minimize wafer damage, tracking your product from wafer to installation, or receiving live feedback to fix product and process problems, Cognex vision-based technology adds value every step of the way.

It starts with wafer challenges …

Silicon crystal inspection
Defect inspection
Wafer inspection
Wafer and PV cell identification
AR coating inspection

... continues with cell fabrication ...

Cell orientation detection
Cell defect detection
Screen print alignment
Laser edge isolation
Color cell sorting
Back print registration inspection
Robot guidance
Front print registration

... and ends with module assembly.

Cell spacing
Solar panel traceability
Tabbing/stringing alignment and inspection
Connector inspection
Frame inspection
Panel assembly verification


Suggested Cognex Products

Contact a RACO Product Specialist for more information on Cognex products for this specific application or to get help finding a Cognex product for your specific application.


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Manufacturer Cognex
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