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Cognex DataMan 100 and 200
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Cognex products are no longer available from RACO Industries.

For help in choosing a comparable replacement product, feel free to contact one of our RACO Product Specialists at 800-446-1991 or by email at

Cognex DataMan 100 and 200 Fixed-Mount ID Readers

The world's smallest high-performance industrial ID reader

Cognex DataMan 200 Series readers provide the ultimate combination of high performance and versatility in an incredibly small fixed-mount ID reader. The readers provide 1D and 2D code reading on all models and the ability to read even the most challenging 2D direct part marks.

Cognex DataMan image-based ID readers represent a breakthrough in reader technology by combining unmatched code performance (up to 45 reads per second) and ease-of-use in a small, compact package. Lighting, camera, processor, and communications are all integrated into an exceptionally small, industrial-rated housing, making the DataMan fixed-mount readers ideal for the most demanding applications.

DataMan 200 Series Readers
The DataMan 200 Series readers feature the industry leading performance and functionality of the DataMan 100 Series readers, with the addition of Ethernet connectivity and the world’s first introduction of Liquid Lens, variable focus technology on a fixed-mount industrial ID reader product.

Cognex DataMan 200 Series Highlights

  • Liquid Lens offers rapid hands-free, software-driven autofocus with no moving parts and increased depth of field flexibility
  • Separate models available with pre-installed liquid lens and retrofits of standard models with liquid lens are also possible
  • Power of Industrial Ethernet allows for real time tracking, image download, data transfer and effortless plant integration
  • Integrated–lighting, camera, processor, and communications
    all in an exceptionally small, industrial-rated housing.
  • POE Ethernet Connectivity–allows for real-time data and image transfer, and easier integration with plant controllers and information networks.
  • Optional Variable Focus, Liquid Lens Technology–autofocus is achieved with a single software command; there is no need to manually adjust the focus on the line.
  • Laser aiming–easily seen through the entire depth of field, enabling operators to quickly position the code to the reader.

Quick, powerful, and reliable ID code reading requires innovation that only Cognex can deliver. Powerful decoding software, advanced image formation, and exceptional ease of use ensure optimum performance for all reading requirements.

Cognex DataMan 100 Series Highlights

The Cognex DataMan 100 series offers industry-leading reading performance in a small product size with USB and RS-232 communication options.


  • Three-position adjustable lens
  • Integrated lighting and LED aimer
  • Train and trigger button for ease of setup
  • C-mount lens option

DataMan 100 and 200 fixed-mount barcode readers are available in three models each: Dataman 100QL/200QL, 100Q/200Q and 100x/200x.

Powerful Decoding Software
Powerful decoding software enables DataMan readers to deliver the industry’s most reliable reading. IDMax, a breakthrough in 2D decoding software based on patented Cognex PatMax technology, handles a wide range of degradations to the appearance of a code, no matter what the cause. And, IDQuick™ allows fast, high-performance reading of high-quality 1D/2D barcodes as well as low-contrast codes on uniform backgrounds.

Advanced Image Formation
All DataMan readers optimally illuminate marks on a wide range of surfaces. That, coupled with adjustable lens positions on many models, high-pixel image sensors, and optimized frame rates, give DataMan ID readers the image formation needed to read any mark, on any surface, at any speed.

Exceptional Ease of Use
Shared by all models, the intuitive DataMan user interface has been optimized for quick setup and ease of use. Powerful verification software provides comprehensive mark quality monitoring, and a Software Development Kit allows easy integration into PC applications.

Wide range of models
DataMan offers the widest range of industrial ID readers and code quality verifiers—in both fixed-mount and handheld models. These readers handle everything from printed 1D/2D barcodes to the most challenging direct part marked (DPM) codes… and everything in between.

Handheld ID Readers
DataMan handheld readers provide a wide range of models—both corded and cordless—needed for applications in all industries. Whether a low-cost model for reading high-quality codes, or models with the performance needed for reading the most challenging codes, DataMan has what it takes to get the job done.

Fixed-Mount ID Readers
The unprecedented small size of DataMan fixed-mount readers make them ideal for applications where space is limited, such as item identification and process control. Models are available to read codes, at variable working distances, and on any production line… including the fastest document handling systems.

ID Verifiers
DataMan handheld and fixed-mount verifiers ensure that the code meets a manufacturer’s or industry’s requirements for quality.

Easy setup and deployment
Initial setup and ease of use are facilitated by the setup tool software common to all DataMan products. The software makes the deployment of readers for new and existing applications simple with an intuitive interface and easy reader configuration.

Common Interface Across all DataMan ID Reader Products. Point-and-click setup displays the image that DataMan sees, results (decoded images and data), real-time process feedback—and many more features—all add up to the most intuitive and complete user interface available.

MultiCode Capability
The DataMan fixed-mount readers now support the ability to read multiple codes in the field of view! “MultiCode” provides the ability to read multiple codes in a single image (single or self trigger mode) or in a sequence of images (burst trigger mode) with DataMan 100 and 200 Series readers. The reader is able to read different code types (1D/Stacked, Data Matrix, QR) at the same time, and can read up to 128 codes at once! In addition, the reader can also store a ‘trained’ model for each code type (1D/Stacked, Data Matrix, QR) for even more robust reading.

Burst Trigger Mode
The ease-of-use in setting up burst trigger mode applications has been significantly improved. It is now possible to view a complete sequence of burst mode images in a filmstrip, to allow for adjusting settings of trigger delay, burst length and interval between acquisitions to better match the specific application.

All DataMan verifiers feature:

  • AIM DPM and ISO 15415 compliance… software, integrated lighting and fixed optics allow code reading to the latest AIM Direct Part Mark Quality Guideline and ISO 15415
  • Fully integrated design… lighting, camera, processor, and communications—all in an industrial housing
  • Certified calibration… DataMan verifiers includes a certified and traceable calibration target for establishing AIM DPM reflectance values
  • Ease of Use… plus the reliable and consistent performance of DataMan readers
  • Quick and cost-effective part changeovers… no need to adjust fixturing or lighting when the production line changes

Cognex DataMan 200 Accessories

Mounting Bracket
The DataMan 100/200 series pivot bracket provides the greatest versatility and ease for reader installation.

External Light
The DPM Reading Light is ideal for hard-to-read codes direct-marked on parts, where uniform lighting is required. This light provides easy setup, and is specifically designed for DataMan readers.


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