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Cognex Consumer Packaging Solutions

OmniView™ Cylindrical Product Inspection System
This system uses images acquired from one or more cameras, and combines those images to create a seamless and undistorted image of an object surface. As long as a feature of interest appears in one or more of the physical camera images, it can be inspected.

OmniView completely eliminates the complex and expensive requirement to mechanically spin parts in order to inspect them. This reduces production line complexity, lowers costs, and increases production speed.


  • Eliminates the need to spin or handle parts in order to inspect them
  • Handles random part rotation, tilt and position
  • Allows entire curved surface to be inspected at the same time
  • Enables non-contact 100 percent inspection at up to 1200ppm, at standard resolution
  • Provides extremely robust solutions that result from Cognex leading-edge vision algorithms
  • Offers a faster and less expensive solution than line scan cameras
A seamless and undistorted image of a cylindrical pharmaceutical product simplifies inspections needed for product safety and traceability.
The 360-degree virtual image of cans and bottles facilitates label inspection and code reading.


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