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CipherLab 131 Tiny III Decoder
No Longer Available










This product is no longer available through RACO Industries but we will continue to carry accessories for as long as they are available. Please view the main CipherLab main for more product choices or call a RACO Sales Rep at  513-984-2101 or 800-446-1991.


CipherLab 131 Tiny III Decoder

  • Decoder for all popular barcode symbologies and includes data editing mode
  • RS232 to keyboard wedge converter
  • CCD, wand, laser, slot scanner, mag stripe automatically detected

The CipherLab 131 Tiny III Decoder can easily decode most of the popular barcodes. Owing to its compact size and low power consumption, the CipherLab Tiny III is easily installed and highly durable. A programmable editing mode allows the CipherLab Tiny III to be more versatile, thus being able to accommodate each user's unique application requirements. In addition, the CipherLab Tiny III's reader port supports both BSR and MSR readability, with automatic scanner detection when connected. Last but not least, because of the Aux 232 design, the Tiny III can offer the convenient RS232 input/keyboard wedge output function.

Whatever your application, the flexible and reliable CipherLab Tiny III is up to any challenge.

CipherLab 131 Tiny III Specialties

  • Low power consumption
  • Editing modes, cloning mode supportable
  • Reader input port accepts both BSR
    (Barcode Slot Reader) and MSR
    (Magnetic Stripe Reader)
  • Keyboard wedge output conversion
  • Data output format, Code ID, Prefix Code, Postfix Code, Length Code, buzzer volume and frequency programmable

CipherLab 131 Tiny III Optional Interface Cable

TSD5 120 CM straight cable, DIN5 Connector for PCAT
TSM6 120 CM straight cable, Mini DIN6 Connector for PS2, PS55, PCAT
TSM4 120 CM straight cable, Mini DIN6 Connector for Macintosh
TS4P4C 120 CM straight cable, Phone Jack 4P4C connector for DEC VT220, 320, 420
TSM8 120 CM straight cable, Mini DIN8 Connector for NEC 9800
TS8P8C 120 CM straight cable, Phone Jack 8P8C Connector for NEC 5200
TSM8-1 120 CM straight cable, Mini DIN8 Connector for Hitachi Elles
TSDB9F 120 CM straight cable, Female DB9 Connector for RS232 Single port operation
TSDB9s 120 CM straight cable, DB9 Connector for RS232 Dual ports operation
Others upon request.

CipherLab 131 Tiny III Specifications



34mA (typical), 39mA (maximum)
No external device attached


Operating Temperature
0 to 40C

Storage Temperature
-10 to 60C

Operating Humidity
10% to 90% non condensing

Storage Humidity
5% to 95% non condensing


82mm L x 57mm W x 22mm H

PCB Module
50mm x 70mm

66g (cable not included)

ABS plastic



Symbology Supported
Code 39/Full ASCII, French Pharma Code, Italy Pharma Code, Codabar, Industrial 25, Interleave 25, Matrix 25, Code 93, Code 128, EAN8, EAN8 with ADDON2, EAN8 with ADDON5, EAN13/UPCA, EAN13/UPCA with ADDON2, MSI, Plessey EAN13/UPCA with ADDON5, UPCE, UPCE with ADDON2, UPCE with ADDON5

TTL non-decoded CCD, wand, laser, barcode slot scanner/reader, wand emulation CCD, laser scanner/reader, magnetic stripe reader up to dual tracks (ISO) scanner types are automatically detected

Aux232 Port
Any RS232 equipment of equivalent, such as electric scale, P.D.T, fixed laser, Simple RS232 network can be established

IBM PC/XT/AT & compatible ones. IBM PC/XT, PS2-30, PS2-55, IBM 5550 NEC 9800, NEC 5200, DEC VT series, NEC Astra, Macintosh (ADB), Memorex Telex (same with IBM 3486, 3192), Tele-Vedio 965, Unisys TO300, WYSE Enhance KBD (US), ADDS 1010, Hitachi Elles and so on.

Programmable Features
Code ID, Prefix Code, Postfix Code, Length Code, Buzzer volume and frequence, ISBN/ISSN/CLSI/UK Plessey conversion...

Cloning Mode
Duplicate configuration settings between Tiny IIIs

Data Editing Mode
Three editing formats are supported
Following conditions can be programmed:
Code type, data length, matching string and location.
Data can be divided into six fields
Five additional fields can be programmed for each editing format
User programmable field transmission sequence

Language Support for PC/AT
English (US), English (UK), French, Italian, Belgium, Norwegian / Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Others on demand

Quality Approved
EMC Regulation
FCC/CE Approved

CipherLab 131 Tiny III Decoder Pricing:

Part # Description
131 Tiny III Decoder

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Additional Information

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Manufacturer CipherLab
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