Cherry G83-6733 SmartBoard

Cherry G83-6733 SmartBoard
Cherry G83-6733 SmartBoard
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Smart card keyboard (USB) for secure payment, digital signature, encryption and access authentication
The Cherry G83-6733 SmartBoard is especially designed for all applications that combine smart card technology with security. Secure PIN entry mode (class 2 smart card reader) and EMV approval provide you secure data transmission. Whether you use it for data encryption, payment, digital signature or just network log-on, using a Cherry SmartBoard is the right choice.

Key benefits
USB keyboard with integrated smart card reader
Secure PIN entry mode (class 2 terminal)
EMV Level 1 approval
PC/SC smart card reader
Smart card protocols T=0 and T=1
GemCore technology

Internet payments
Digital signatures
Public key infrastructure (digital signature on company level or between companies)
Home banking
Access control
Data encoding

Smart card terminal (PC/SC)
  • Integrated GemCore card reader
  • Read & write processes with any processor smart cards complying with ISO 7816 1/2/3 (T=0, T=1)
  • Supports 3V and 5V cards

  • 100,000 insertions
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