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Cherry Cybo@rd
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This product is no longer available, please view the Cherry main page for more product options or contact a RACO Sales Representative for other product choices.



Cherry Cybo@rd Multimedia Keyboard

Bring the power of the internet to your fingertips


  • 19 Programmable internet, multimedia, and program Hot Keys

  • Ergonomic detachable wrist rest

  • Keyman customization software

  • USB and PS/2 interface

Key Benefits

  • Quick access to internet, multimedia, email-programme and power management applications

  • All hot keys individual programmable (e.g. for browser functions, web addresses or software applications)

  • Key for E-mail programme

  • Multi-level dynamic software

  • Detachable palm rest

  • Combined PS/2 and USB interface

The keyboard is suitable for the control of internet processes and for command structures in email and multimedia applications. A total of 19 hot keys allow quick access to frequently used internet and multimedia functions.

Multi-Level Dynamic Software
The keyboard has 19 additional programmable internet and multimedia keys, so-called hot keys. It includes a specially developed multi-level dynamic software KeyM@n which gives the user all the possibilities for direct program, document or website access and other additional functions in a clear way and makes it simple to assign functions to the hot keys.

General Specifications

Dimensions (incl. palm rest)
(LxB) 458 x 244mm

Weight (incl. palm rest)
Approx. 1200g

Storage Temperature
-20C to +60C

Operating Temperature
0C to +50C

Power Supply
+5V/DC +5% SELV

Current Input
Max. 100mA

Combined Interface
PS/2 and USB

Hot Keys

7 Internet Keys

  • Previous Page

  • Next Page

  • Stop

  • Refresh

  • Search

  • Open Folder

  • Home

3 Programme Keys

  • E-mail

  • Desktop

  • Calculator

Power Management and Multimedia Keys

  • Multimedia programmes

  • Play/pause

  • Stop

  • Previous Track

  • Next Track

  • Volume Down

  • Volume Up

  • Mute

System Requirements

  • IBM- or compatible PC

  • PS/2 keyboard interface or USB connection

  • Support for extended key functions under Windows 2000 and Windows ME operating systems

  • Full functionality of the keyboard under Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 through KeyM@n Software

  • Support for standby mode dependent on Windows operating system and PC hardware (APM or ACPI)

  • CD-ROM drive

For controlling the Internet browser

  • Netscape Navigator 4.01 or higher

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.10 or higher

For controlling the multimedia functions

  • Sound card

  • Loudspeakers

  • Multimedia software (e.g. Windows Media Player)

Stock Codes
G83-13000 LCA XX
XX = International layouts

International Layouts
BE = Belgian
CH = Swiss
DE = German
DK = Danish
ES = Spanish
FR = French
GB = English (UK)
IT = Italian
NO = Norwegian
SL = SI / HR / YU / BiH
SF = Swedish/Finnish
EU = English (US)

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Manufacturer Cherry
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