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Brecknell Model 15
No Longer Available










This product is no longer available. Please view the Salter Brecknell Scales Main Page for more information or contact a RACO Product Specialist for a replacement counting scale.

RACO carries scales from the top manufacturers of scales along with accessories and supplies for your scales. Just view the scales and scale supplies page for more information.


Salter Brecknell Model 15 spring scale/balance

The Salter Brecknell Model 15 is a high precision traditional tubular brass balance, renowned for its accuracy and sensitivity. The durable, polished brass case carries an engraved scale. Zero Adjustment is by means of a tare screw situated at the top of the balance. The suspension top loop and bottom hook is of corrosion-protected steel. Peak hold ring included.



Salter Brecknell Model 15 spring scale/balance pricing:

Model Part # Description Ship weight
15-2/1 SAKN10400010000 2lb x 0.5oz / 1kg x 10g 3lbs
15-4/2 SAKN10600010000 4lb x 1oz / 2kg x 20g 3lbs
15-11/5 SAKN11000010000 11lb x 2oz / 5kg x 50g 3lbs
15-22/10 SAKN11200010000 22lb x 4oz / 10kg x 100g 3lbs
15-44/20 SAKN11500010000 44lb x 8oz / 20kg x 200g 3lbs
15-80/40 SAKN41300010000 80lb x 0.5lb / 40kg x 250g 3lbs
15-120/54 SAKN12000010000 120lb x 1lb / 54kg x 500g 2lbs

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Additional Information

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Manufacturer Brecknell
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Scanner Capability N/A
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Operating System N/A
Print Color N/A
Obsolete 1