29FFC 3 Line Pricemarking Gun

29FFC 3 Line Pricemarking Gun
Ink Roller Included
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X-Mark 29FFC Labeler with bands available for numeric characters, alpha, months and even days of week and more. Call RACO about custom labels with your store name and/or logo to bring your customers back.

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Manufacturer Part Number TXM29-11117
Manufacturer X-Mark
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NOTE: IMS XL Pro 29FFC Label Guns takes the same labels.

XL Pro 29FFC Labelers and Labels 

Three line band set-up
Top: 11 Characters
Middle: 11 Characters
Bottom: 7 Characters

IMS XL Pro 29FFC Label

Standard Band Setups:IMS XL Pro 29FFC Standard Band Setup

  • Numeric Characters

Optional Special Bands:

  • 1st Half Alpha
  • 2nd Half Alpha
  • Full Alpha
  • Units of Measure
  • 1-12
  • Months
  • Days of Week

(Note: Not available for all models.)

All XL Pro Labelers Have:

  •  Complete repair available


XL Pro 29FFC Labeler Gun Pricing


XL Pro 29FFC Labeler Guns LIST Pricing
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1-9 Labelers 10-19 Labelers 20-49 Labelers 50+ Labelers
$CALL ea $CALL ea $CALL ea $CALL ea

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XL Pro 29FFC Stock Labels and Custom Labels

Note: Labels are not shown actual size and colors may vary from actual label colors

P Series labels for the XL Pro Labelers will also perform in other labelers with the appropriate ink roller.

P290001001111 P29000200111 P29000210211
P29000210711 P29000213711 P29000330311


XL Pro 29FFC Stock and Custom Label Pricing


XL Pro 29FFC Labels (Stock and Custom)
LIST Price per Thousand (m)
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(6,500/box, 650/roll, 10 rolls/box, 12 box/case, 78,000/case)
  6.5M 13M 26M 78M
white stock $CALL $CALL $CALL $CALL
color stock $CALL $CALL $CALL $CALL
fluorescent stock $CALL $CALL $CALL $CALL

Label Pricing Example:
6.5 x $7.40= $48.10 for 13,000 Stock

1 Ink Roller FREE with each box of labels.

Additional Ink Rollers: $CALL each

Call for higher quantity price breaks and call for the RACO Discount Price!