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This product is no longer available.

We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can.

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AML M5500 Series Portable Data Terminal

The AML M5500 is identical to the AML M5000 Portable Data Terminal, with the added power and versatility of your choice of integrated laser scanner, long range laser scanner, or long range CCD scanner. Adaptable to either left or right-handed operation, the AML M5500 is the most reliable and affordable integrated data collection device available. It's lightweight, accurate, durable, and supports all industry standard barcodes. The AML M5500 comes complete with software, manual, and serial cable.

Comes complete with decoder, manual, and keyboard cable. Requires magnetic stripe reader with 8-pin DIN connector.


  • Rugged, lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Windows compatible M5000 program generator
  • Low power design
  • Memory expandable to 1.25MB
  • Multiple integrated scanner options
  • Two year warranty


General Specifications

Bar Code reader
Integrated laser or CCD scanner module

39 key rubberized keypad

2MB Flash program memory, 256k standard. Expandable to 1.25MB RAM with optional expansion memory module (sold separately)

Special keys
The AML M5500 can generate the following special keys: Function, Alt, Shift, Home, End PgUp, PgDn, Ins, Del, Arrow keys, Backspace, Enter, Tab, Esc

Bar Codes
The AML M5500 automatically recognizes and reads the following bar code types: Code 39, Extended Code 39 (full ASCII), Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC & EAN supplements, Code 128, Code 93, Code 11, Codabar, MSI/Plessey, Bookland EAN

Serial Interface

Baud rates

Data bits
7 or 8

Stop bits
1 or 2

None, odd, even

Intercharacter delay
0-99 msecs


XON/XOFF, XModem, ASCII, AT Modem (AT command set)

Keyboard wedge
IBM AT or PS/2

Six pre-programmed data collection programs
Windows compatible AML M5000 Programmer software includes: programming, portable set-up, look-up file editor, data file editor, librarian, communications, upgrade flash and monitor


3 AA alkaline batteries

Lithium battery


9 3/8"

3" (handgrip)/ 4 3/8" (max)

1" (handgrip)/ 1 7/8" (max)

15.6oz (with batteries)


Operating Temperature
0C to +50C

Storage Temperature
-20C to +70C

Relative Humidity
5% to 95% non condensing

3 feet onto concrete surface

Two year, 30 day money-back guarantee

Integrated Laser Module

Light Source
630-680 nm laser diode

Laser Output Power
1.0 mW max

Scan Rate
35 + 5 scans per second

Laser Class

Integrated CCD Module

645 nm visible LED Bright and sharp scanning line

Scan Rate
36 scans per second

Depth of Field
0 to 49.2cm /19.4" (bar code dependent)

Interface Options

PC Keyboard Wedge
As a keyboard wedge interface, the AML Model 5000 PDT connects between the keyboard and the personal computer with a "Y" cable adapter. Data is sent to the computer as if typed from the keyboard. The keyboard remains fully functional. (Requires AML M5100 wedge adapter - sold separately)

PC RS232 Interface
As a serial interface, the AML M5500 series PDT connects directly to your PC. Set the serial port parameters to match the host and you're ready to begin. The data is sent as if typed from the PC's keyboard. No software changes are required.

Remote Upload via Modem
The AML M5500 series PDT can be connected to a Hayes compatible modem through the Rs232 serial port. Collected data can then be uploaded to a host computer over standard telephone lines from the AML M5500 Series. The AML M5500 Series supports XModem protocol (Modem cable required)


AML M5500 Series Portable Data Terminal Pricing:

Part # Description

Portables w/Integrated Scanners

M5500LAS-AM5005 M5000 PDT w/ AML Integrated Laser
M5510CCD-AM5065 M5000 PDT w/ AML Integrated CCD
M5520LAS-AM5205 M5000 PDT w/ AML Integrated LR Laser
Portables with no Input Device
M5000-0000 M5000 PDT - no input device
Portable Kits with Input Devices
M5000WND-CHV904 M5000 PDT w/ Champ 7 MIL Wand 9 pin
M5000CCD-MT6023 M5000 PDT w/ MT 6023 2.5" CCD
M5000CCD-OP0023 M5000 PDT w/ Opticon 2.3" CCD
M5000CCD-OP0032 M5000 PDT w/ Opticon 3.2" CCD
M5000LAS-PS0020 M5000 PDT w/ PSC QuickScan Laser
M5000LAS-PS0030 M5000 PDT w/ PSC PowerScan Laser
M5000LAS-SY0190 M5000 PDT w/ Symbol LS1900 Laser
M5000LAS-SY0210 M5000 PDT w/ Symbol LS2100 Laser
M5000LAS-SY0400 M5000 PDT w/ Symbol LS4000 Laser
Extended Warranties
SVC-EW5500 M5500 Extended Warranty (3 years)
SVC-EW5510 M5510 Extended Warranty (3 years)
SVC-EW5520 M5520 Extended Warranty (3 years)
SVC-EW5000 M5000 Extended Warranty (3 years)
  M5000 Accessories
M5100-0000 RS232 to Keyboard Wedge Converter Kit
MEM-1024 1 Megabyte Memory Module
LAS-AM5005 Integrated Laser for M5000 PDT
LAS-AM5205 Long Range Integrated Laser for M5000 PDT
CCD-AM5065 Integrated CCD for M5000 PDT
CAS-5000S M5000 Carrying Case w/ Shoulder Strap
CAS-5000B M5000 Carrying Case w/ belt strap
CAS-5500B M5500 Holster w/belt strap
CBL-3021 M5000 Serial Cable w/ Extended Power
CBL-3031 M5000 Modem cable 9 pin male
SFW-SCOM32 SoftCom Keyboard Emulation Software
SFW-M5000P M5000 Utilities Software
SFW-M5100P M5100 Programming Software
MAN-M5000 M5000 PDT Manual


Specifications and information subject to change without notice.


Additional Information

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Manufacturer AML
Standard Memory N/A
Flash Memory N/A
Screen Resolution N/A
Display Color N/A
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Data Collection Type N/A
Product Color N/A
Resolution N/A
Max Print Width N/A
Max Roll Diameter N/A
Max Label Width N/A
Interface N/A
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Connectivity N/A
Scanner Capability N/A
Image Sensor N/A
Operating System N/A
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