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6710 Mobile Bridge
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge


  • Bridges RS-485 TCP/IP traffic transparently to Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Supports one or two high speed RS-485 LAN segments
  • Support for 10BaseT, 10Base2, and AUI (10Base5) Ethernet connections
  • HTML interface for point and click configuration across a network
  • Manage locally or remotely using SNMP
  • Banked firmware may be updated via Ethernet using telnet or local terminal session using a serial connection
  • Proven technology with large installed base
  • Designed for international application with auto-sensing power supply
  • Durable case and enclosure built for shelf or wall mounting

Technological Innovation.
Traditional mobile computing connectivity technology has been combined with current day networking to create the Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge. The Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge is a network infrastructure device that bridges Intermec Systems and Solutions Division’s Industrial Mobile Computers (IMCs) communicating over RS-485 networks to Ethernet networks using the TCP/IP communications protocol.

The Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge can bridge up to two high speed RS-485 LAN segments (up to 460.8 Kbps) to a variety of standard Ethernet types, each built to the IEEE Ethernet standard. The speed of each segment is individually configurable to allow a mixture of IMCs to communicate at the speed most optimal to that platform.

Ease of Use. There are no computers to open up, cards to plug in, or servers to configure. Installing the Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge to bridge your network from RS-485 devices into Ethernet is as easy as snapping in quick-connect RJ-45 and DB-9 connectors. Firmware may be configured using programs and connectivity you are likely to already have on your desktop PC.

Network Manageability. The Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge supports Management Information Base II (MIB II) in addition to the Intermec enterprise MIB. The SNMP agent is supported on the Intermec Technologies Corporation’s HP OpenView graphical network management application.

Configuration parameters can be changed by establishing a password protected session with an individual access point via Telnet. This can also be accomplished using a standard web browser and the HTML interface, or through the serial diagnostic port using a null modem cable and any standard terminal session.

Extensive filtering and flooding options are available to allow messages to be sent to individual clients or broadcast to specific audiences based upon filtering criteria.

Built for Remote Use and Management. The Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge supports the capability of downloading new programs to the bridge while the unit is operating. The bridge has two program flash banks providing a fallback in the case any issues appear with the download of new flash programs. The system will roll back to the previous version. An internal timer allows the activation of the new software program to be immediate, or activated at a later time.

Controlling the Cost of Connectivity. While providing connectivity to the enterprise over standard networks, the cost of connectivity is kept down by allowing existing implementations to continue using the standard RS-485 docking and charging solutions already in place. Only one hub connection is needed for up to 64 IMCs with each Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge. Cable runs to multi-docks may be done with RS-485 cabling increasing the distance that may be spanned, decreasing the cost of the cable run with less expensive cabling maintaining open systems based corporate connectivity.

Multiple Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridges may be located on a single LAN segment to service very large populations of IMCs. Existing WAN connections may be used to gather data from docked devices in re-mote locations.

Easy to install, easy to configure, locally and remotely manageable, connectivity to the communications standards of your enterprise, commitment to mobile computing - the 6710 Mobile Bridge from Intermec Systems and Solutions.


Intermec 6710 Mobile Bridge

Length: 9.5cm (3.75")
Height: 36cm (14.5")
Width: 17.5cm (6.875")
Weight: 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs.)

Temperature Range: The standard offering will operate from -30 to 50C (-22 to 122F)
Humidity: Will remain operational when exposed to 90% humidity, non-condensing conditions.

2 MB RAM/2 MB flash

IEC power connector for industry standard three conductor AC input: auto-sensing 110, 220, 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Electronic Components
AMD 29200 RISC processor

Operating System
Real-time, multi-tasking operating system for servicing the radio network and ethernet

Communications Standards Compatibility
Compatible with IEEE 802.3 (the Ethernet communication standard)

Communications Interfaces and Connectors
Interface to Ethernet network including 10BaseT) twisted pair, 10Base5 (AUI or thicknet), or 10Base2 (thinnet) 9-pin DB9 connectors to half duplex 4 wire RS-485 (no power) 9-pin serial diagnostic channel

Local: Via diagnostic post (Serial RS-232C port)
Remote: Via any wired or wireless LAN station via telnet or SNMP set commands
Management: MIB II Intermec Enterprise MIB
Configuration Security: Password protected

Suitable for installation on table tops, walls, or ceilings

Agency Approvals
FCC: Complies with IEC801-1 for radiated and conducted emissions and IEC801-3 for susceptibility at 10 V/m, CE Mark

Some approvals and feature may vary by country. Please check with your local Intermec sales office for further information.



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