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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Intermec 6400 Batch Handhelds

Intermec PEN*KEY 6400--The Most Powerful, Ergonomic, MS-DOS Based Hand-held PC!

Its ergonomic, lightweight design provides comfort for extended, uninterrupted use. In addition, the Intermec PEN*KEY 6400's superior processing power greatly enhances user productivity.

The Intermec PEN*KEY 6400 offers full alphanumeric keyboard input, with the option of either 41 or 51 keys, as well as integrated bar code scanning. It uses the same PC architecture as the rest of the 6000 Series family.


  • True PC compatibility--386 33 MHz CPU with patented power management
  • Ergonomic shape for single-hand operation
  • Large display with up to 16 lines by
    32 characters
  • Up to 8 MB RAM, 4 MB FLASH
  • RS232, RS485, and IrDA communication options
  • Many radio options including 2.4 GHz and
    902 MHz
  • Environmentally friendly LiIon (lithium ion) batteries
  • Patented power management
  • Rugged and sealed for mobile environments
  • Patented power management
  • Standard IrDA interface for communications
  • Integrated and tethered scanning options
  • Hard plastic keycaps

The Intermec PEN*KEY 6400 Features A Rugged Ergonomic Design
The Intermec PEN*KEY 6400 reflects the extensive experience Intermec has in designing rugged hand-held terminals for survival in harsh environments. Ideal for both industrial and retail use, the Intermec 6400 has an optional integrated scanning feature for single-hand operation. It will withstand repeated five-foot drops onto concrete. The rugged design of the Intermec 6400 makes it ideal for harsh environments.

PC Architecture
The Intermec PEN*KEY 6400 Hand-Held Computer features an AMD Am386 SC300 processor with a clock speed of 33 MHz. The radio frequency (RF) version provides real-time data capability and is fully client/server ready. The 6400 can run "plug-and-play" Intermec terminal emulations including VT220, 3270 SNA, 5250 SNA and Intermec Native Mode. It integrates with networks operating SNA, Async and TCP/IP. MS-DOS 5.0 is offered as a factory loaded option.

Ergonomic User-Friendly Design
The hourglass shape and contour of the Intermec PEN*KEY 6400 provides maximum comfort for both large or small-handed worker. Numeric, function, scan and enter keys are located closely together, allowing single-hand operation. Hard plastic key-caps give maximum tactile feel and response to the user. The combination of size, weight and design of the Intermec PEN*KEY 6400, along with the advanced power of the AMD386 processor, is unmatched in the industry.

Large Display For Detailed Information
Applications requiring the display of large amounts of sales or logistics information are easily viewed in the 160 x 128 pixel screen on the Intermec PEN*KEY 6400. A CGA (Color Graphics Adapter) graphics controller allows users to adjust the display to their application or visibility needs from 5 lines x 10 characters to 16 lines x 32 characters.

Character sharpness and readability are also enhanced by the black-on-white LCD technology. A green electroluminescent backlight provides superior illumination in dark environments (exceptional brightness and twice the life of typical white back-lights). Automatic and manual contrast adjustments compensate for wide temperature range effects on the display. An etched glass, scratch-proof lens and 5 angled mounting of the display diminishes glare for optimum clarity.

Enhanced Battery Capacity and Management
The Intermec PEN*KEY 6400 features a patented intelligent battery subsystem with LiIon battery cells, the latest in mobile battery technology, offering more capacity for the weight. The LiIon battery pack incorporates a processor-based logic circuit that performs battery management and charging control. The LiIon technology requires no special disposal procedures.


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