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2475 Vehicle Mount
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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Intermec 2475 Vehicle Mount Terminal

The Intermec 2475 is a versatile, high performance and economical terminal for real-time data collection applications using industrial vehicles such as forklift trucks and stock pickers. It is ideally suited for applications such as receipts, cross docking and shipping.

Built to last with a compact die cast aluminum case, the Intermec 2475 complies with environmental IP54. The Intermec 2475 terminal is designed to withstand the punishments of the typical warehouse application such as constant shock, vibration and power fluctuations common to industrial vehicles. Beyond its ruggedness, the Intermec 2475 incorporates the latest IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi certified radio for premium wireless LAN performance to deliver timely and accurate data for mission critical manufacturing systems.

With the Intermec 2475, applications can be developed using industry standard language tools; no proprietary languages to learn and support. The task is even quicker with EZBuilder, a rapid application development and prototyping tool that requires no programming language expertise at all. The flexible architecture of the 2475 includes integration options for terminal emulation, client/server, or browser-based applications. And as a member of the Intermec 2400 family, the Intermec 2475 can utilize software that has been deployed to other 2400 terminals, such as the 2435 or 2415 handheld computers without modification.

As with all Intermec 2400 series terminals and computers, the 2475 supports the IEEE 802.11b and TCP/IP standards, and can be factory configured with VT/ANSI or IBM terminal emulation. All 2400 series computers support Microsoft C/C++ programming for client/server applications, in addition to text based browsing via Intermec's acclaimed dcBrowser, and terminal emulation via Intermec's TE2000 client application.

Additional options for the 2Intermec 475 include a variety of cabled and wireless laser scanners, wands, up-to-2MB of additional Flash memory and 2 or 4MB SRAM for extended programs and data storage.

  • Compact and economical solution for industrial vehicle mount applications

  • Standard development and connectivity tools enable rapid deployment and maximize return on investment

  • IEEE 802.11b RF connectivity delivers real-time supply chain information for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail applications

  • Wi-Fi compliance ensures interoperability and investment protection

  • Fast and easy integration options for terminal emulation, client/server, or browser-based applications

General Specifications

27.1cm (10.7")

26.5cm (10.4")

9.7cm (3.8")

4.7kg (10.5lb)

Standard features

  • Wireless connectivity

  • Compact, industrial design

  • Robust data collection

  • Flexible, open connectivity

  • Rapid application development

Power supply
Primary- 12V to 80VDC universal power supply with surge, over-voltage, and reversal protection.

Battery Type
Memory backup- rechargeable NiCad


RAM memory- 1MB nonvolatile memory, 2MB option for 2MB additional, 4MB total

Extended storage

Local device communications, auxiliary RS232

Laser scanners
Sealed connector for use with Intermec cabled & wireless laser scanners

CGA compatible LCD with backlight. 12 lines by 40 characters per line display up to 24 lines.

Alphanumeric, 59 keys elastomeric; QWERTY layout, 5 separate function keys. Options for IBM 5250, IBM 3270 and ANSI/VT layouts


Development Environments
Microsoft C/C++, EZBuilder

Terminal Emulation
IBM 3270, 5250, TN5250, TN3270 and ANSI/VT VT100, VT220, VT320


Serial Data Support
RS232C up to 38.4 baud XMODEM, YMODEM for data transfer Supports Configurable serial protocol and XON/XOFF

Host support direct connect

Host environment
IBM AS/400, S/390, Digital, HP, UNIX with Telnet Services

2.4 GHz wireless

TCP/IP, DHCP supported

Terminal emulation
TN5250, TN3270, VT/ANSI

Host Support via DCS300 gateway

Host Environment
IBM AS/400, S/390, Digital, HP, UNIX

10/100 Mbps Ethernet, token ring, Twinax, Coax, SDLC

TCP/IP, SNA, TCP/IP socket pass through

Terminal Emulation
IBM SNA 5250, 3270, TN5250, TN3270, ANSI/ VT

Desktop power supply, User's manual, Programmer's software kit (PSK), EZBuilder Rapid Application Development Software


Operating Temperature
-10 to +50C (14 to 122F)

Storage Temperature
-20 to +60C (-4 to 140F)

10 to 90% non condensing

Shock and vibration protection
Vibration tested to exceed MIL STD 810D

Rain and dust resistance
Sealed against dust and moisture to IP54

Wireless LAN Characteristics
IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi Certified

Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

Data Rate
11/5.5/2/1 Mbps with Auto fallback for increase range

Range* at 1Mbps
From 1750ft (533m) to 165ft (50m) depending on environments

Range* at 11Mbps
From 525ft (160m) to 80ft (24m) depending on environment

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) - 64 or 128 bit encryption *Unlimited range with roaming

Regulatory approvals
FCC- Part 15.247 certified, Canada- RSS 210 Certified, CN 300 328 - ETS 300 328 type approved, EN55022/CISPR 22 Class B, FCC Part 15 & ICES-003 Class A, SCT Certified NOM-EM-121, pending, AS 3548- C tick Marked, Compliant with all European Directives - RTTE, EMC and low voltage directives, CE Marked (EN 30489-01) - ETS 300 826, UL Listed, UL 1950, C22.2 #950 & IEC 60529-IP54, TUV Licensed, EN60950 & EN 60529- IP54, NYCE certified, NOM 19

Restrictions on use
Intermec reserves the right to make changes without notice to any product herein for any reason at any time, including but not limited to improving the reliability, form, fit, function or design.

Part # Description
2475A174500704 2475 VMU, Eng QWERTY, TE2000/5250 TCP/IP, 2MB Flash, 802.11b FCC US
2475A184600704 2475 VMU:QWERTY keypd, TE2000 for VT/ANSI, TCP/IP, 4MB Flash, 802.11b
072383 2475 VMU User's Guide

Additional Information

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