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This product is no longer available. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing or for a comparable replacement product.


Intermec Batch Handhelds 2410

The Intermec model 2410, along with the Intermec 2415 RF model, is the newest in the Intermec line of economical, ergonomic and reliable Hand Held Data Collection Computers. A member of the 2400 family of network computers, the Intermec 2410 is targeted at batch applications in retail, commercial and light industrial user without sacrificing the durability and rugged design that characterizes the entire 2400 family. A worldwide solution, the Intermec 2410 is based on industry standards and is also available with European as well as Asian character sets.

Increased productivity.

The Intermec 2410 weighs in at less than 14 oz. to make it easier in all types of scanning, especially many retail applications such as price verification and modification or cycle counting. The large display provides operators with more information. Keypad options are available to include either full alphanumeric or oversized numeric layouts depending on the users need. With convenient accessories such as holsters, belt clips and a pistol grip handle, the user can decide what is most comfortable and convenient. Long-lasting and quick-charging batteries provide for at least a full shift which is especially useful in applications such as in-store audits and stock replenishment. PC Card memory expansion allows large data files to be conveniently stored in the terminal. Collected data is quickly and conveniently uploaded to the host computer through a serial communications dock or direct RS232 adapter. Customize the configuration to maximize worker efficiency with a range of integrated scanners from standard to long distance, from high visibility to high density.

Superior technology.

The Intermec 2410 was designed using advanced technology to help increase the efficiency of data collection. Similar to a cellular phone, the Intermec 2410 utilizes Lithium Ion batteries that are easy and quick to replace. Memory backup hardware prevents accidental data loss. The companion Intermec 2415 RF model with its 2.4 GHz OpenAir radio provides high throughput, fast response times, long range and interoperability with other OpenAir products from Intermec as well as dozens of other suppliers. Superior technology has also been implemented in the high contrast, scratch resistant graphics display and long-lasting keypad. And for software development, programmer utilities and EZBuilder™ for rapid application development give programmers more efficient and state-of-the-art tools to work with.

Investment protection.

The Intermec 2410 can grow as your needs change. With an internal PC Card slot for example, you can actually start with a batch Intermec 2410, and upgrade to the Intermec 2415 RF later. Or start with the OpenAir radio today and later upgrade to the new 802.11 radio as well as other future RF developments as they occur. The PC Card slot also provides for memory expansion.

Solid and reliable.

Although the Intermec 2410 is compact and lightweight, durability has not been compromised. It is built to last, surviving repeated drops to concrete. Its sealed keypad, scratch resistant display and internal antenna also increase ruggedness. Even connectors have been designed with long life and reliable usage in mind. The built-in serial port used for RS232 communications and docking, for example, will last several times longer than conventional RF-type connectors.

Flexible application environments.

Like the whole Intermec 2400 family, the Intermec 2410 provides industry standard development and connectivity. Applications can be developed with Microsoft C/C++, or Intermec’s EZBuilder program generator. Upload and download programs and data through standard RS232 communications.

Part of the Intermec 2400 family.

Because the Intermec 2410 is part of a family of products built around the same platform, it can be commonly configured and programmed with a consistent system interface using the same tools and the same communications products. The same program can be executed on all form factors in the family. In additional to the 2410’s RF companion, the model Intermec 2415, the Intermec 2400 family includes the heavier industrial 2425 including an Intrinsically Safe model, the vehicle mount 2455 and the 2480 series of stationary computers. The RF members of the 2400 family can all be configured for terminal emulation, client/server or web-enabled applications. From Time & Attendance, to Shipping/Receiving to Picking and Pricing, there is a Intermec 2400 family member that will take care of your data collection application requirements.


Physical characteristics
Length: 19.3 cm (7.6") Width: 8.4 cm (3.3") at scanner; 5 cm (2") at grip
Height: 5.6 cm (2.2") at scanner; 4 cm (1.2") at grip
Weight (with standard battery): Model 2410 (Batch): 374g (13.2 oz.) Model 2415 (RF): 422g (14.9 oz.) Add 43g (1.5 oz.) for high capacity battery

CGA compatible backlit LCD displaying 16 lines of 20 characters per line (160 x 128 dot matrix) plus LED status indicators
Full 25 x 80 virtual screen with viewporting U.S. and European character sets plus Big 5 and simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

Elastomeric 55-key with full alphanumeric set with function keys or 37-key larger alphanumeric with function keys.
Options for U.S., Multilingual European, IBM 5250, and VT/ANSI layouts

Operating temperature: -20 to 50C (-4 to 122F)
Storage temperature: -20 to 60C (-4 to 140F)
Humidity: Non-condensing (0 to 95% RH)

Bar Code Scanning Options
Integrated visible laser diode scanner USA/Canada Class II. International Class 2


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